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Christian Historiography Between Empires, 4th-8th Centuries

November 15, 2022

The Department of Medieval Studies is pleased to announce a new publication co-edited by our faculty member István Perczel.

The contributors to this volume - specialists in Late Antique and Byzantine, Syriac, Georgian, Armenian, and Arabic studies - have investigated the construction of Christian historiographic traditions from the fourth to the eighth century at geographic, linguistic and disciplinary borders.

Oxford Handbook of Medieval Central Europe

October 31, 2022

Coedited by our Head of Department and with contributions from our faculty, the Oxford Handbook of Medieval Central Europe summarizes the political, social, and cultural medieval history of Central Europe (c. ad 800–1600), a region long considered a “forgotten” area of the European past. The twenty-four cutting-edge chapters present up-to-date research about the region’s core medieval kingdoms—Hungary, Poland, and Bohemia—and also their dynamic interactions with neighboring areas.

New Book: Homer the Rhetorician

October 28, 2022

Homer the Rhetorician

Eustathios of Thessalonike on the Composition of the Iliad

Baukje van den Berg

In this new book, our faculty member Baukje van der Berg advances our understanding of rhetorical and literary thought in the Byzantine twelfth century. The text sheds light on the role of Homeric poetry in twelfth-century rhetorical education and literary culture, and includes English translations of substantial excerpts of Eustathios' commentary. Many of these excerpts are translated here for the first time.

Alumna Agnes Flora's book has been published - Book presentation on Nov 14

November 8, 2019

Studies in European Urban History

Ágnes Flóra
The Matter of Honour
The Leading Urban Elite in Sixteenth Century Transylvania

"…an exceptional work showing sustained effort and dedication to research." (Maria Crăciun, senior lecturer, Babeș-Bolyai University).

New Publication by Katalin Szende: Trust, Authority, and the Written Word in the Royal Towns of Medieval Hungary

October 29, 2018

Katalin Szende, head and faculty member of our department, has recently published a book at Brepols.

"A comprehensive overview of the formation of urban pragmatic literacy in the medieval Kingdom of Hungary.