Clips and Recordings

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March 20, 2024

Public lecture by Petra Mutlová, Associate Professor at the Department of Classical Philology at Masaryk University, Brno, Czechia

Who’s got the power? Authorship in the Early Reformation


March 6, 2024

Public lecture by Cristian Gaşpar, CEU

Of Names, Loanwords, and Curses: What Language History Can Teach Historians


February 21, 2024

Public lecture by Johannes Preiser-Kapeller, Department for Byzantine Research at the Institute for Medieval Research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and University of Vienna

New Romans, Greeks or Byzantines? Perceptions of the medieval Roman Empire of the East from within and from afar across Afro-Eurasia

February 12, 2024

Book Launch

Soul, Body, and Gender in Late Antiquity Essays on Embodiment and Disembodiment

January 10, 2024

 Public lecture by Lena Sadovski, Institute for Habsburg and Balkan Studies, Austrian Academy of Sciences

Administrative multilingualism and multiscriptualism in the Venetian-Ottoman borderlands of late medieval Dalmatia


November 22, 2023

 Open Class on Newtonian Heterodoxies, Karl Hall

 Open Class on  Literature and Learning at the End of the Empire, Baukje van den Berg


November 21, 2023

Open Class on Ethnic Jokes and National Humor Cultures, Charles Shaw



November 20, 2023

Open Class on Gendered Materialities 


November 8, 2023

 Public lecture by Stefan Kamola, Institute for Iranian Studies, Austrian Academy of Sciences

All that ever was: the Mongols and Universal History


October 18, 2023

Public lecture by Christodoulos Papavarnavas, Austrian Academy of Sciences

Saints’ Prisons: Healing and Cult Places in (Post-)Byzantine Literature and Archaeology


October 18, 2023

PhD Colloquium: Rethinking Anne Boleyn + Historiographic Turns: The Narrative and the Literary

Full Colloquium (1hr 40 mins)

How do we conceive of narratology? (53 secs)

Is there a difference between narratology and discourse analysis? (1 min 20 secs)

Diachronizing (38 secs)


October 12, 2023

Keynote: The Lateran Synod of 649 and the Council of Constantinople of 680-81: Concord and Divergence (1 hr 10 mins)

Richard Price

Given during the From Ctesiphon to Toledo: A Comparative View on Early Church Councils in East and West conference


October 11, 2023

Volker Menze, Patriarch Dioscorus of Alexandria: The Last Pharaoh and Ecclesiastical Politics in the Later Roman Empire, introduced by Richard Price

Book Launch (1 hr 8 mins)


September 20, 2023

Public Lecture by Carsten Wilke

Three Spanish Jewish Converts and their Modern Reception (1 hr 5 mins)


June 14 and 15, 2023

30 years celebration: Current Challenges and Future Trends in Medieval Studies

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June 5, 6 and 7, 2023

Natalie Zemon Davis Lectures: Reading Against the Grain: Recovering Stories of Jewish Lives from Hostile Archives

Lecture 1: Jewish Lives in Trent before 1475: Sifting through Johannes Hinderbach's Archive

Lecture 2: A Window into Polish-Jewish Lives in Anti-Jewish Libels in Sandomierz

Lecture 3: Anti-Jewish Blood Libels in the Past and the Present