PhD student invited to ERC conference on “Lived Ancient Religion”

March 20, 2017

We were happy to be informed that one of our PhD students, Nirvana Silnovic, was formally ivited to the international conference “Leaving the (disciplinary) comfort zone – Lived Ancient Religion AD 1 to 800”, to be held at the University of Erfurt, Germany, in early April. The ERC Advanced Grant project on which the conference focuses takes a completely new perspective on the religious history of Mediterranean antiquity, starting from the individual and "lived" religion instead of cities or peoples.

Are you Game? Presenting Cultural Heritage by Playing at CEU

Games and playing are essential parts of human life that show significant cultural variation and reflect the changes in society. However, their role as an element of cultural heritage and the social identity of various communities is often underestimated.

Call for papers! Undergraduate Conference on Tradition and Innovation, August 2017

March 6, 2017

Tradition and Innovation in Historical Perspective: Undergraduate Conference
Central European University, Budapest
August 3-6, 2017

New publication by alumna: Deserting Villages - Emerging Market Towns

We are happy to announce that our alumna Edit Sárosi has successfully turned her PhD research into a book, published by Archeaolingua:

DESERTING VILLAGES - EMERGING MARKET TOWNS - Settlement dynamics and land management in the Great Hungarian Plain, 1300-1700

by Edit Sárosi

Book published by our alumna, Agnes Korondi

We are proud to announce that one of our alumna, Ágnes Korondi (MA 2011-12) recently published a book about mysticism in the late medieval monastic codices in Hungarian titled "Misztika a késő középkori magyar nyelvű kolostori kódexirodalomban (Misztikarecepció avagy irodalmi és kegyességi gyakorlat a késő középkori magyar nyelvű kolostori kódexek devocionális szövegeiben)".