Gábor Klaniczay Receives American Historical Association Honorary Foreign Membership

March 6, 2024
Earlier this year, our Emeritus Professor Gábor Klaniczay was made its Honorary Foreign Member for 2023 by the American Historical Association. The prize is given to a scholar who has distinguished themself in their field and has “notably aided the work of American historians”.
Prof. Klaniczay's research interests include the historical anthropology of European Christendom (sainthood, miracle beliefs, stigmata, visions, healing, magic, witchcraft); the comparative cultural and religious history of Hungary and Central Europe, and modern and contemporary medievalism and its political uses. His publication list is extensive, with his most recent English language work on "Histories and Historians of Stigmata".
He has received many other prizes and honours, including Corresponding Fellow of the Medieval Academy of America And Membre de l'Institut, Associé étranger, Académie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres, Paris, and is currently President of the Hungarian Hagiography Society.
We are very much looking forward to welcoming Gabor back to Vienna on Monday, March 18 for a roundtable discussion in memory of Natalie Zemon Davis.