Scholarships & Research Funding

In order to attract outstanding individuals irrespective of their financial situation, CEU offers financial aid packages. These support the majority of our students during their studies. Plus, CEU offers other types of financial support for students after they have enrolled:

1. Erasmus Mobility Scheme

2. Research and Travel Funds (both for MA and doctoral students)

3. Master's and Doctoral Awards

4. Doctoral Research Support Grant

5. Praesidium Libertatis Scholarship at Leiden University

6. Summer School Grant

7. Winter School Grant


In the Department of Medieval Studies, we have awards for our students that can be used to offset tuition fees and living expenses. We also have professional networks that create opportunities for students to receive grants for research and travel. 

These include:

Bak Award: For MA students in one of our programs working on Central, East-Central and Eastern Europe. 

AKTION program: Several month long stays in Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, funded at around 1100 euro/month. There are several rounds of grants per year.

CEFRES in Prague: (for 2nd year PhD students and after) After a call for applications in February, they provide funding for one or two years. They have strong ties with the History department, and are open to Medieval Studies.

SISMEL in Florence: Provide 3-6 months of funding, with 2500 Swiss franc. The call for applications is in September. The SISMEL is very useful for students working on manuscripts in Italy, but is very competitive.

Casa de Velazquez funds shorter and longer stays.