Life at the Department – CEU’s ‘Medieval Community’

Field Trips

  • Fall Field Trip: to one historical region in Austria.
  • Spring Field Trip: The historical region the Spring Field Trip targets depends on a departmental decision (previous years: Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Poland, Romania). The Spring Field Trip is organized with the participation of faculty members and PhD students.

Christmas party (last week of Fall Term) 

Departmental closing party (the evening of the last day of MA thesis defenses)

Possible museum tours organized by the department
AquincumVisegrád Royal PalaceSchallaburgKlosterneuburg and elsewhere. Sometimes tours are connected to conferences.

Public lectures

Public lectures by academic guests throughout the year are announced in the department on posters and by email. Students are expected to attend these lectures in order to broaden their exposure to personalities and topics connected to Medieval Studies. The Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies and the Cultural Heritage Studies program also sponsors a series of lectures throughout the year, announced on posters and by email.

Workshops and conferences

Book launches