MA Students

One-Year MA (2022/2023)

Kornél Illés | Hungary

Topic at CEU: Inter res publicas canent Musae – the Diplomatic Relationship between Hungary and the Papacy in the Epistolary of John of Zredna between 1444 and 1451

Supervisors: Balázs Nagy, Katalin Szende

Géza Kulcsár | Hungary

Topic at CEU: Towards a Theory of Heavenly Urbanism: the Topotheology of the Two Jerusalems

Supervisors: Katalin Szende, György Geréby

Markiian Kyrchiv | Ukraine

Topic at CEU: Genesis and functions of suburbs of Lviv, Krakow, and Wroclaw, 13th-15th century

Supervisor: Katalin Szende

Bernát Rácz | Hungary

Topic at CEU: The Reliquary of Pétermonostora: A Twelfth-Century Mosan Phylactery Discovered in Hungary

Supervisors: Béla Zsolt Szakács, József Laszlovszky

Rastko Stanojevic | Serbia

Topic at CEU: Seeking a place in the Empire: Monasteries of Fruska Gora and the Ottoman Bureaucracy, 1570s–1690s

SupervisorTijana Krstić

Meghan Sullivan-Silva | USA | On academic leave of absence 

Topic at CEU: Judith in Miniature: Contextualizing the Image of Judith within Italian Giant Bibles 

Supervisors: Béla Zsolt Szakács, György Geréby

Dragos Opran | Romania | On academic leave of absence during the Fall Term

Topographies of Medieval conspiracies

Supervisors: Gábor Klaniczay, Gerhard Jaritz

Two-Year MA

Year One (2022-2024)

Tetiana Akchurina | Ukraine

Topic at CEU: Late Antique Athens and Its Role in Preserving Ancient Beliefs

Supervisor: Cristian Gaşpar, Volker Menze

Lauren Baker | USA

Topic at CEU: An Interdisciplinary Study of Foodways, Diet, and Culture in Early Medieval Francia

Supervisors: Daniel Ziemann, Gerhard Jaritz

Zorana Cvijanovic | Bosnia and Herzegovina

Topic at CEU: Exemplary Pagans: Christian Glorification of the Crusade Leaders in Latin Literature of Norman England

Supervisor: Cristian Gaşpar

Ece Derindere | Turkey

Topic at CEU: Looking at Different Understandings of Islam in Medieval Anatolia through Literary Sources

Supervisor: Tijana Krstic

Mustafa Ada Kök | Turkey

Topic at CEU: Perception and Utilization of Apocalyptical Expectations during the Reign of Justinian

Supervisors: István Perczel, Volker Menze

James Leadbetter | UK

Topic at CEU: Legacies of the Norse: The Impacts of the Vikings on the Development of Polities in Anglo-Saxon England and West Francia

Supervisor: Daniel Ziemann,  József Laszlovszky

Tinatin Mirianashvili | Georgia

Topic at CEU: The Condemnation of 1277 at Paris University: The Controversy between the Local Bishop and the Pope

Supervisor: György Geréby, Éloïse Adde

Davide Politi Italy

Topic at CEU: The Two Sides of the Coin: Exorcism and Demonic Magic in Western Christianity between the 11th and 13th Centuries

Supervisor: Gábor Klaniczay

Tvrtko Srdoc | Croatia

Topic at CEU: Exploring Philosophy of Religion Themes in Late Antique and Medieval Philosophy

Supervisor: György Geréby, István Perczel

Year Two (2021-2023)

Andrea Banikova | Slovakia

Topic at CEU: Scandinavians in the East - Trade Links Pre-dating the Emergence of First Settlements (700AD–750AD)

Supervisors: József Laszlovszky, Daniel Ziemann

Guillermo Bisbal | Venezuela

Topic at CEU: Fatherhood and Good Death: The Cult of St. Joseph in Late-Colonial Venezuela

Supervisors: Marcell Sebők, Carsten Wilke

Colin Boon | UK

Topic at CEU: Kingship in the Dark Ages: The Politics of Rule in Post-Carolingian East Francia

Supervisors: Daniel Ziemann, Balázs Nagy

Joshua Duffield | USA

Topic at CEU: Axing the Volkhv: Magic & Sorcery in the Tale of Bygone Years

Supervisors: Balázs Nagy, Gábor Klaniczay

Andrei Dumitrescu | Romania

Topic at CEU: The Visionary Emperor: Constantine and the Archangel Michael in Late Fifteenth-Century Moldavian Representations

Supervisors: Béla Zsolt Szakács, Baukje van den Berg

Robert Mazur | USA | On academic leave of absence

Topic at CEU: Evolution of Epideictic Oratory in Late Antiquity

Supervisors: Baukje van den Berg, Cristian-Nicolae Gaşpar

Amine Yilmaz | Turkey

Topic at CEU: The Interaction of Islamic Political Concepts with Ottoman Empire-Building (15th-16th Centuries)

Supervisors: Tijana Krstić, Günhan Börekçi