MA Students

One-Year MA (2023/2024)

Salome Gviniashvili | Georgia

Topic at CEU: Emperor Constantine and Queen Helena's Portraits in post-Byzantine Wall Paintings in the context of the Ktetors portrait

Supervisors: Béla Zsolt Szakács, Baukje van den Berg

Alejandro Laguna Lopez | Spain

Topic at CEU: Literary Subversion in Niketas Eugenianos’ Drosilla & Charikles

Supervisors: Baukje van den Berg

Ivan Milekovic | Serbia

Topic at CEU: The Philosopher in the City: The Space of the Academy in Stone and Text

SupervisorsVolker Menze, György Geréby

Alena Minko | Russia

Topic at CEU: Frumenty in the Context of English Medieval Culinary Culture

Supervisors: Gerhard Jaritz, Katalin Szende

Nicholas Tayler | Hungary

Topic at CEU: Hungary, Lotharingia and the Walloons of the Eger Valley - A Case of International Entanglement

Supervisors: Katalin Szende, Balázs Nagy

Rastko Stanojevic | Serbia

Topic at CEU: Seeking a place in the Empire: Monasteries of Fruska Gora and the Ottoman Bureaucracy, 1570s–1690s

SupervisorTijana Krstić

Two-Year MA

Year One (2023-2025)

Nina Akirtava | Georgia

Topic at CEU: Studies in Etymologiae and De Doctrina Christiana

Supervisors: Istvan Perczel, György Geréby

Rana Bayram | Turkey

Topic at CEU: Contextualizing Ikhwan al Safa's Epistles on Music within Neoplatonist Thought

Supervisors: Brett Wilson, György Geréby

Ahmet Demirel | Turkey

Topic at CEU: Forging the Ottoman Pashas of Buda: Factional Ethnic-Regional Solidarity and Career Paths of Ottoman Buda Governor-Generals

Supervisors: Robyn Radway, Günhan Börekçi

Hanna Feuer | USA

Topic at CEU: Sleeping Beardy: The Myth of Barbarossa in Nineteenth-Century German Nationalism

Supervisors: Éloïse Adde, Cristian Gaşpar, Daniel Ziemann

Aleksandre Gujabidze | Georgia

Topic at CEU: John Scottus Eriugena's Periphyseon: creatio ex nihilo

Supervisors: Istvan Perczel, György Geréby

Amritha Maliyekkil | India

Topic at CEU: Beyond Tribal Attappady: Mapping the Iron Age Burials and Early Medieval Remains

Supervisors: József Laszlovszky, Istvan Perczel

Emily Moore | USA

Topic at CEU: Prayers in Chronos and Kairos Time

SupervisorsÉloïse Adde, György Geréby

Furkan Sizanli | Turkey

Topic at CEU: The Edirne Incident, 1703

Supervisors: Robyn Radway, Günhan Börekçi

Eldad Voremberg | Israel

Topic at CEU: The Saints of Philagathos of Cerami

Supervisors: Cristian Gaşpar, Volker Menze

Year Two (2022-2024)

Lauren Baker | USA

Topic at CEU: Eat my Dust: Ingesting the Sacred in the Works of Gregory of Tours

Supervisors: Gerhard Jaritz, Éloïse Adde

Andrea Banikova | Slovakia

Topic at CEU: Scandinavians in the East - Trade Links Pre-dating the Emergence of First Settlements (700AD–750AD)

Supervisors: József Laszlovszky, Daniel Ziemann

Zorana Cvijanovic | Bosnia and Herzegovina

Topic at CEU: Exemplary Pagans: Exemplary Pagans: Hector of Troy as a Christian Knight in Twelfth-Century Latin Literature

Supervisors: Cristian Gaşpar, Gábor Klaniczay

Ece Derindere | Turkey

Topic at CEU: Turkish-Speaking Muslim Interpretive Communities in Late Medieval Anatolia Through the Prism of the Sā'atnāme (The Book of the Hour)

Supervisor: Tijana Krstic

Mustafa Ada Kök | Turkey

Topic at CEU: Perception and Use of Apocalyptic Expectations in the Sixth Century CE

Supervisors: István Perczel, Volker Menze

James Leadbetter | UK

Topic at CEU: Legacies of the Norse: The Impacts of the Vikings on the Development of Polities in Anglo-Saxon England and West Francia

Supervisors: Daniel Ziemann, Éloïse Adde

Tinatin Mirianashvili | Georgia

Topic at CEU: The Role of Ecclesiastical and Academic Authorities in the Thirteenth-century Academic Condemnations

Supervisors: György Geréby, Éloïse Adde

Davide Politi Italy

Topic at CEU: 
Demonic Magic and its Practitioners in 13th-Century Exempla

Supervisor: Gábor Klaniczay

Tvrtko Srdoc | Croatia

Topic at CEU: Freedom of the Human Will in Thomas Aquinas and Henry of Ghent

Supervisors: György Geréby, István Perczel

Amine Yilmaz | Turkey

Topic at CEU: The Interaction of Islamic Political Concepts with Ottoman Empire-Building (15th-16th Centuries)

Supervisors: Tijana Krstić, Günhan Börekçi