Hungarian Partnerships

For CEU, partnerships with other universities are an essential part of our open society mission. CEU partners with institutions and universities across the globe, offering opportunities for our students, faculty and researchers to benefit from and contribute to the development of new knowledge in a wide variety of fields. Partnerships with Hungarian institutions are of particular importance to CEU, which has called Budapest home for more than two decades. Below please find more information on our department's partnerships with Hungarian institutions.

Informal cooperation

  • with historians from the MTA BTK TTI for the digital edition of the medieval Hungarian laws online
  • MTA-ELTE Lendület Humanism in East Central Europe Research Group
  • Moholy Nagy Művészeti Egyetem (MOME), TechLab
  • Kitchen Budapest (KIBU innovation lab)
  • Petőfi Irodalmi Múzeum (PIM)
  • Sapientia Monastic College
  • University of Pécs

Joint projects

  • Erik Fügedi, a Central European historian – Centennial Workshop, in cooperation with ELTE, Magyar Történelmi Társulat (Hungarian Historic Society), and KSH (Central Statistical Bureau) in September 2016
  • Saint Piroska-Eiréné conference and publishing project (2015-2017) received financial support from the Ministry of Human Capacities
  • Pantokrator 900 - cultural festival in 2018 in cooperation with the Hungarian Institute in Istanbul and the Hungarian Embassy in Ankara

Cooperation agreements

  • University of Szeged - Cooperation agreement for mutual teaching of courses, common projects, summer university, internship modules with the CEU School of Interdisciplinary Historical Studies, with focus on the CEU Cultural Heritage Program
  • CEU-ELTE Medieval Library - CEU-ELTE Faculty of Humanities agreement establishing the library


  • Sub-commission of Urban History of the Historical Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Head of Dpt. Katalin Szende is secretary)
  • István Bárczy Foundation, Budapest City Archives (Head of Dpt. Katalin Szende is Chairperson of the Board)
  • OTKA/NKFI K 116594 Project (Hungarian Atlas of Historic Towns), hosted by the Institute of History of the Research Centre of the Humanities of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2016-2019 (Head of Dpt. Katalin Szende is Principal Investigator)
  • „Lendület” Hungarian Economic History, hosted by the Institute of History of the Research Centre of the Humanities of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2016-2020 (Head of Dpt. Katalin Szende is a project member) 
  • Soproni Szemle, quarterly journal published by the Sopron City Embellishment Association (Soproni Városszépítő Egyesület) (Head of Dpt. Katalin Szende is editor-in-chief)
  • SAX project of Százhalombatta-Földvár Archaeological Site, Matrica Museum and Archaeological Park, Százhalombatta (Professor Alice M. Choyke is a project member) 
  • ELTE Medieval and Early Modern European History Department: Marianne Sághy is associate professor (habilitated Dozent) in half-time position
  • Hungarian Hagiography Society (Prof. Marianne Sághy is president)
  • International Association for Patristic Studies (IAPS-AIEP) - prof. Marianne Sághy is national correspondent