New Publication: Cities and Economy in Europe

March 26, 2024

Our Professor Katalin Szende has co-edited a new volume entitled Cities and Economy in Europe: Markets and Trade on the Margins from the Middle Ages to the PresentThe book explores new perspectives on regions traditionally considered “on the margins” of Europe, and fills a gap in current historiography through its analysis of cities, space, and economy. Covering the period from the High Middle Ages to the present, Cities and Economy in Europe: Markets and Trade on the Margins from the Middle Ages to the Present is the perfect resource for students and researchers of economic and urban history.

MA and PhD alumni Olga Kozubska (A Town Hall or a Trading Facility? Markets in the Small Towns of Ukraine (Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries) and Mária Pakucs (Trade Routes and Commercial Networks in Early Modern South-Eastern Europe in the Light of Transylvanian Sources) both contributed chapters to this volume. Of our current students, Michał Machalski helped with the copyediting and Daria Ageeva and Roman Tymoshevskyi in compiling the Index. Eszter Tímár, retired faculty member at the CAW also contributed to the language editing.