Alumna Agnes Flora's book has been published - Book presentation on Nov 14

November 8, 2019

Studies in European Urban History

Ágnes Flóra
The Matter of Honour
The Leading Urban Elite in Sixteenth Century Transylvania

"…an exceptional work showing sustained effort and dedication to research." (Maria Crăciun, senior lecturer, Babeș-Bolyai University).

"This monograph entails a comparative study of two early modern urban centers in Transylvania: Cluj (Kolozsvár, Klausenburg) and Sibiu (Nagyszeben, Hermannstadt). It develops a new perspective on urban history in Transylvania, by filling the recent historiographical lacuna on early modern urban elites. This book attempts to combine traditional and modern research methods, by analyzing and comparing a large volume of unpublished data along three research lines. First, the historical background within which of the town elites in Cluj and Sibiu monopolized power are analyzed, including the development of town autonomy and governmental systems, the legal background of urban leadership, its continuity and the conditions under which the political urban elite acted in each town. Secondly, a thorough archontological and prosopographical research, with a special focus on marriage strategies and professional competence leads to a socio-political characterization of the elites of Cluj and Sibiu. Finally, an attempt is made to provide insight into the representation and self-fashioning of these elites..."

The presentation of the book will take place on Nov 14, 16.45 in Budapest City Archives in Hungarian. See more the attachment.