Oxford Handbook of Medieval Central Europe

October 31, 2022

Coedited by our Head of Department and with contributions from our faculty, the Oxford Handbook of Medieval Central Europe summarizes the political, social, and cultural medieval history of Central Europe (c. ad 800–1600), a region long considered a “forgotten” area of the European past. The twenty-four cutting-edge chapters present up-to-date research about the region’s core medieval kingdoms—Hungary, Poland, and Bohemia—and also their dynamic interactions with neighboring areas. From the Baltic to the Adriatic, the Handbook includes reflections on modern conceptions and uses of the region’s shared medieval traditions. The volume’s thematic organization reveals rarely compared knowledge about the region’s medieval resources, its people and structures of power, social life and economy, religion and culture, and the images of its past.

Featuring contributions from: 

Daniel Ziemann - From Avars and Slavs to the First Medieval Kingdoms in Central Europe: Population and Settlement, 700–1100

Katalin SzendeCities and Towns in Medieval Central Europe

Balázs Nagy - Mining, Finances, and Commerce in Medieval Central Europe

Béla Zsolt Szakács - Art and Architecture in Medieval East Central Europe 

Gerhard Jaritz - Contexts of Late Medieval Daily Life

János M. Bak, Gábor Klaniczay - The Middle Ages after the Middle Ages: Popular Traditions and Medievalism