Natalie Zemon Davis Annual Lecture Series

Since its launch in 2006, the Natalie Zemon Davis Annual Lecture Series has become a major event at CEU, organized by the Department of Medieval Studies and the Department of History. Each year, a world-famous historian is invited to give three talks on their current research topic; scholars such as Peter Burke and Dame Averil Cameron have been featured in the series in the past few years. The lecture series is regularly visited by important scholars of the field. Natalie Zemon Davis herself is usually a guest.

Each lecture cycle is published as a book at CEU Press.

Volumes in the series:

Vol.1. Lynn Hunt: Measuring Time, Making History
Vol.2. Miri Rubin: Emotion and Devotion - The Meaning of Mary in Medieval Religious Cultures
Vol.3. Eva Österberg: Friendship and Love, Ethics and Politics - Studies in Mediaeval and Early Modern History
Vol.4 Ute Frevert: Emotions in History – Lost and Found
Vol.5.William A. Christian: Divine Presence in Spain and Western Europe 1500-1960 - Visions, Religious Images and Photographs
Vol. 6. William Chester Jordan: Men at the Center - Redemptive Governance under Louis IX
Vol. 7. Katherine Verdery: Secrets and Truth - Ethnography in the Archive of Romania’s Secret Police
Vol. 8. Averil Cameron: Arguing it Out - Discussion in Twelfth-Century Byzantium
Vol 9. Peter Burke: Hybrid Renaissance - Culture, Language, Architecture
Vol. 10 James S. Amelang: Writing Cities
Vol. 11 Joan Wallach Scott: In the Name of History
Vol. 12 Leslie Peirce: A Spectrum of Unfreedom