Continuity and Change in Medieval Central Europe

February 27, 2023

MECERN (the Medieval Central European Research Network) will hold their biennial conference on April 27 to 29 in Bratislava with the theme: Continuity and Change in Medieval Central Europe.

As always, the Department of Medieval Studies at CEU will present papers. This year, papers include:

Daniel Ziemann, Dark Ages in Central Europe? – The period around 900 AD as a turning point

Balázs Nagy, Comparative Approaches to the Impact of the Mongol Invasions of Central Europe

Cristian GașparNomina semper mutantur: Methodological Reflections on the (Ab)use of Toponyms and Anthroponyms as Evidence for Ethnic Continuity and Change in the Late Middle Ages

Jack WilsonRecontextualizing the Mongol attacks on Hungary and Poland in the 1280s: moving away from the Domination of Nogai

József Laszlovszky, Continuity or destruction? Liturgical objects and deserted village churches in the context of the Mongol Invasion of Hungary (1241-42)

Anja Božič, Thematic and Classicizing Sermons on St. Jerome in the Renaissance: Continuity, Overlap, or Parallel Universes

Katalin Szende, Esztergom on the Crossroads: continuity and change in the metropolis Hungariae in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries

Michał Machalski, Becoming Reliable Subjects in Times of Change: Townsmen of Kalisz’s Testimonies during the Warsaw Trial of 1339

Gábor Klaniczay,  John of Capestrano Preaching in Central Europe

Kornél András Illés, The Continuity of Threat: Fighting Ottomans as a Constant State of Mind in the Epistolary of John Vitéz of Zredna

Béla Zsolt Szakács, Twin Cathedrals and Church Families in Central Europe: Continuity or Change?