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Are you Game? Presenting Cultural Heritage by Playing at CEU

Games and playing are essential parts of human life that show significant cultural variation and reflect the changes in society. However, their role as an element of cultural heritage and the social identity of various communities is often underestimated.

Travel, Trade, and Transportation: the Infrastructure of Spatial Mobility in Medieval East Central Europe

February 3, 2015

This research network was set up by Magdolna Szilagyi (MA'04, PhD'12) to bring together scholars in East Central Europe who are interested in the field of historic routes research (dromography) between c. 300 and c. 1600. Initiated and hosted by the Medieval Studies Department of Central European University, this is an expressly interdisciplinary project covering themes ranging from medieval history, through archaeology, geography, place-name studies, and art history to spatial information technologies.

Q&A Session on our Facebook-platform - December 3, 2013

November 27, 2013
It's again an admissions season, and the deadline of submitting proposals quickly approaches. Therefore, we organize again a Q&A Session on our Facebook-platform in order to distribute all the necessary information regarding admission to the program of the Department of Medieval Studies at CEU. So if you know applicants to apply, or if you want to encourage possible applicants to apply for our Department, you are cordially asked to spread the news: