In memoriam James Ross Sweeney (1940-2011)

November 2, 2011

In memoriam

James Ross Sweeney 
(November 18, 1940 - August 21, 2011)


Ruth Mellinkoff (1924-2011) Obituary

October 11, 2011

Ruth Mellinkoff  (December 18, 1924-February 26, 2011).

Art historian of considerable fame, a connoisseur of the High Middle Ages and of Haute Cuisine, Ruth passed away in her own home, close to the UCLA campus where she and her late husband David Mellinkoff, Professor of Law, had been a respected and admired couple for many decades.

Saeculorum peregrinus. In memoriam Robert A. Markus (1924–2010)

May 20, 2011

Distinguished historian of late ancient Latin Christianity, particularly of Saint Augustine and Pope Saint Gregory the Great, Robert Austin Markus passed away on 8 December 2010 in Nottingham. A longtime friend of CEU’s Medieval Studies Department, Robert gave lectures, co-directed seminars and theses, and served as external reader for many PhD dissertations. In 1993 he gave a talk on Gregory the Great and the sixth century on the Hűvösvölgy campus. In 1995-96, I ran a memorable seminar on Saint Augustine with him, attended by György Heidl and Levan Gigineshvili.

Janusz Kurtyka (1960-2010)

January 15, 2010




We were saddened to learn that in the horrible tragedy of the Polish people, the catastrophic crash of the presidential plane on April 10, 2010, a former medievalist colleague of ours, Jan Kurtyka (b. 1960) also lost his life. In the 1990s, Jan participated in our research project on East Central European noble societies and met several of our early PhD students. They will remember him as a friendly and helpful person.