Prague Field Trip

June 13, 2023

Between May 22 and May 26, students, staff and faculty from the department visited Czechia on an academic field trip. Highlights of the trip included visits to the triforium of Prague Cathedral, the silver mines at Kut Hora, and archaeological excavations at Vyšehrad.

On Monday May 22, we explored Brno, including the town hall and Villa Stiassni. The second day was spent in Prague, in the castle and its environs, and down in the city itself. On Wednesday May 24, we visited Karlštejn castle, and spent the morning of Thursday May 25 in the Jewish Quarter of Prague. The afternoon of the same day was spent at various sites in the city, including the Emmaus Monastery. On the final day, we visited the city of Kutná Hora.

As part of the academic requirements for the trip, the students produced a booklet of papers about the sites that were visited. Read it below!

A mock booklet was also produced with fun, satirical or absurd (and sometimes all three at once) papers.