Program & Course Structure

Courses are assigned credits to aid in calculating the associated workload.

"Credit" means the number of "points" earned for completing a course; this figure serves mainly to calculate the amount of coursework a student completes.

1 CEU credit = 1 hour (50 minutes) per week / 12-week semester or 2 hours (100 minutes) per week / 6-week
• Most courses are worth 2 CEU credits (meaning: the class meets weekly for 100 minutes and the course lasts the whole semester (twelve weeks).
• 1 CEU credit calculated according to the US accreditation equals 2 ECTS credits, for both MA- and PhD-level courses.

It is also possible to audit a class, i.e. students may attend a course out of interest without doing out-of-class assignments. This appears on the transcript but earns no credits. Please note that language courses cannot be taken for audit.

In order to graduate, one-year MA students must earn 40 credits,
• out of which 8 are earned for a successfully defended thesis (which represents supervised individual research, the two mandatory thesis writing seminars, and the thesis writing workshop).
• The remaining 32 are course credits.

Students are allowed to take cross-listed courses as well as courses from other CEU departments (one course per semester unless otherwise agreed with the supervisor and the Program Director).

The syllabus (on e-learning) of each course specifies if the given course is evaluated with Pass/Fail or a Grade.

See more about registration available in the Student Handbook and in the 1YMA Booklet (see the attachment.)