Saranya Chandran

Year of Enrollment: 

Saranya Chandran received her BA from the University of Calicut, India, in English Literature in 2017 and her MA in 2020 from Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, India, in Malayalam Literature. Her master thesis focused on Malayalam script and Grammar in Language computing. In her thesis she enquires how to apply the grammar and syntax of Malayalam into language computing and the necessity of uniform encoding of Malayalam fonts. In 2020, she continued her studies at CEU, earning another MA in Medieval Studies, focusing on the vernacular scripts of Malayalam. In her thesis, “A comprehensive study of medieval and early modern scripts in Kerala,” she studied six different Medieval and early modern scripts from Kerala. She placed Arabi-Malayalam and Garshuni Malayalam along with the other four scripts treated by popular historiography that is biased to Hindu sources of Kerala. She was the Edward Y. Hannoush Memorial Fellow at Beth Mardutho, Syriac research centre in New Jersey. From June 2022 to September 2022. Where she trained an East Syriac OCR/HTR model and FLex Malayalam
She is continuing her research on Garshuni Malayalam at CEU. The main aim of her research is to create digital humanities tools for Garshuni Malayalam studies. Her studies focused on manuscripts of Saint Thomas Christians in Kerala written in Garshuni Malayalam and developing digital humanities tools such as handwritten text recognition and an online database for Garshuni Malayalam studies.


M.A in Malayalam Language and Literature, Sree Sankaracharya university of Sanskrit, Kerala, India (2018-2020)
M.A in Comparative History: Late Antique, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies, Central European University (2020-2022)