Osman Yuksel Ozdemir

Year of Enrollment: 

Osman Yuksel Ozdemir is a Ph.D. student at Central European University located in Vienna. He obtained his BA in history from Boğaziçi University (2018) in Istanbul. Osman got interested in Byzantine History towards the end of his BA. After completing his first MA (2020), he applied for a second MA at Central European University (2022) to further immerse himself in the world of Late Antiquity. His first MA thesis titled “Religious Propaganda of the Heraclean Court During the Seventh-Century Byzantine-Sasanid War” introduced him to Byzantine/Late Antique Near East and Syriac Studies. His second MA thesis titled “Decoding a Source-Based Dilemma: The Occupation of Jerusalem by Sasanids in 614 C.E.” gave him an opportunity to explore a case study within the framework of the Byzantine-Sasanid war and a spatial methodological approach. He is currently working on a comparative approach concerning different liturgical contexts, based on these liturgical contexts’ ability to immerse their congregants by using the biblical narrative to create a narrative space. His general research interests involve literary and spatial methodological approaches within Byzantine, Late Antique Near East, and liturgical settings.

Research Fields:
Byzantine Near East – Spatial Methodology – Byzantine and Syriac Liturgy.