Daria Ageeva

Year of Enrollment: 

Daria Ageeva received her BA in History (Hons.) from the Higher School of Economics, St Petersburg Campus, Russia, in 2020, and her MA in Medieval Studies at Central European University, Vienna, Austria, in 2022. In 2023, she came back to CEU for her PhD in Medieval Studies to continue her research on the environmental history of pre-modern fisheries in Venice and the Venetian domain in the Balkans. Daria has been conducting research on the Venetian natural resources management and Terraferma administration since 2018, with the results of her studies presented at both Russian and international conferences. At the time, she was also involved in several archival projects based at the St Petersburg Institute of History of the Russian Academy of Sciences which resulted in the preparation of several working papers, publications, and an edition of the Venetian charters from the Nikolai Likhachev’s collection (currently in search of publisher). In her doctoral dissertation, Daria extends the geographical scope of her MA research to encompass the less studied areas of the Venetian Stato da mar, namely, the Istrian and Dalmatian coastal towns. Her main focus lies with the social and ecological resilience of premodern fisheries and, generally, city-states, and the social, political and environmental aspects of their natural resource management during the Little Ice Age (fifteenth to late seventeenth centuries).
Besides environmental history, her research interests include late Medieval and early modern trade networks, urban history, medieval charters, historical cuisine and textile production.

Oftentimes, she can be found performing an ancient craft of knitting and teaching her colleagues to do the same.