New Publication: "The Main Inventory of the One Hundred Lans...” of Lviv (1608)

January 4, 2024

Our alum Markiian-Liubart Kyrchiv has recently published in the Ukrainian Historical Review. The article is entitled "The Main Inventory of the One Hundred Lans ..." Lviv (1608) by Stanislav Anserin:  Re-Publication and Translationand provides a commentary of the original document, as well as adding and clarifing information concerning the manuscript’s content.

Markiian completed an MA in Late Antique, Medieval and Early Modern Studies last academic year, writing a thesis on Genesis and functions of the suburbs of Lviv, Krakow, and Wroclaw between the 13th and 15th centuries. The thesis was given an A- after examination by Olga Kozubska (University of Münster), Katalin Szende and József Laszlovszky, with the panel chaired by Patrick Geary.

Professor Katalin Szende described Markiian's new article as "showing a great commitment that they could manage to complete this work under wartime conditions."

Congratulations Markiian!