Call for Papers: Medieval material culture in the Carpathian Basin - International Colloquium

March 31, 2016

International Colloquium 8th‒10th December, 2016
Mureș County Museum, Târgu Mureș, Romania

The Mureş County Museum in collaboration with the Medieval Studies Department of the Central European University (Budapest) invite paper proposals on the general topic of medieval material culture in the Carpathian Basin, with special focus on the function and context of small finds. The talks can pertain to the fields of archaeology, art history, archaeometry and history.

The conference will include thematic sessions for registered delegates and a thematic posters section.

• We welcome abstracts on the following subtopics:

I. Working with small finds: theoretical and methodological approaches
- may include papers on small finds and the study of medieval society, problematic research issues connected to medieval small finds, relevant typo-chronologies and their interpretation, terminological aspects, computing methods

II. Medieval technology and production of small finds
- can refer to specific results in the study of paleotechnologies, presentation of reference groups, production lots/series, production centres, identity of the manufacturers as reflected in small finds

III. Context and function
- concentrates on the contextualisation of small finds; symbolic and representative functions; small finds as markers of medieval social practices; everyday life reflected through small finds

IV. Changing function; changing context
- analysis of the reuse and/or the alteration of an original function; particular aspects of repair, reuse and recontextualisation; subjective value as function change; medieval heirlooms.
• Proposals that belong to the general topic of medieval small finds and are not listed among the
thematic guidelines outlined above are also encouraged.

Conference organisers:
Zoltán Soós (Mureș County Museum)
József Laszlovszky (Central European University)
Zalán Györfi, Oana Toda and Ünige Bencze (Mureş County Museum)

• Working languages: English, German.

• We welcome:

- paper proposals: 20 minutes + 10 minutes discussion

- poster proposals: in a A1 standard format.

Please include the following information in your proposal:
a) Full title of paper/poster;
b) Abstract (ca. 300 words per paper/poster);
c) Full name and institutional affiliation

Deadline for proposals: 30 June 2016

• Notification of acceptance: 31 July 2016
• Please submit your abstract by e-mail (MS Word or PDF format) with the subject header: ‘Abstract proposal’. All correspondence should be sent to the following address:

Selected papers delivered at the Conference will be considered for publication in 2018.
The organizers will ensure printing of the posters as long as the submitters comply with the A1 standard format.
All participants submitting a paper or a poster will have their accommodation, conference dinner and tour paid for by the conference organization.
All speakers are responsible for their own travel arrangements. Relevant information on this matter will be provided later.