Icons and Relics. Venerations of Images between East and West

July 2, 2014

Periodic Exhibition at the Archabbey, Pannonhalma,Curator of the Exhibition: Peter BokodyThe last station of the visit to the abbey is the temporary exhibition entitled: “Icons and relics: Veneration of Images between East and West”. This exhibition examines the use of pictures in Christian art.  The exhibition displays the procedure through which the strong cult of icons originating from orthodox Christianity formed the western concept of using pictures, and established the notion of picture in western art. 

At the end of the exhibition there is a documentary by Dénes Nagy in which he guides the visitors to two medieval places: the Cathedral of Vézeley in Burgundia where Maria Magdalena’s relic is kept and Sucevita’s orthodox monastery in Bukovina, which is famous for its exterior mural paintings. The film provides an insight into the monastic life of the two communities and through them the strong atmosphere of the two different worlds: colours, lights and silence.

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