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Some reasons to join the Department of Medieval Studies at CEU:

-    Academic Excellence & Research
-    Interdisciplinarity & Multidisciplinarity
-    International Community  & Network
-    Experience & Careerbuilding
-    Community & Social Life
-    Inspiring Environment
-    Support & Welfare

How to apply

Read what our alumnus says about his "CEU experience"!

Hervin Fernandez-Aceves
Region: Latin America and the Caribbean
Hometown and country: Guadalajara, Mexico
Program: Medieval Studies
Year of Graduation: 2013
Current position: AHRC Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Lancaster

"What I appreciate about my CEU experience is its wide and rich scope of formative options (from network science to Byzantine Greek paleography!), the strength and interdisciplinarity of its methodological training, and the inclusive and supportive activities of its research centers."

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Academic Excellence & Research

Natalie Zemon Davis Workshop - 2007-2008

Interdisciplinarity & Multidisciplinarity

Cooking dish, medieval ways - Gerhard Jaritz and the students - 2011

International Community & Network

  • International community: Our truly diverse and international faculty and student body (MA and PhD) ensures that our students engage with and join a broad international and national network of leading scholars. Networks connected to the Medieval Studies department: CARMEN The Worldwide Medieval Network, CARA – The Medieval Academy of America, MECERN - Medieval Central Europe Research Network
  • Co-operation: active cooperation and contact with leading research centers in Europe and the US
  • Exceptional mobility: students and faculty are encouraged to study abroad with the support of available International Exchange Opportunities (grants, funds, ERASMUS, DAAD, BARD). Semesters abroad for PhD students are an integral part of the program.
  • Networking: Visiting faculty as well as an impressive range of public talks and other events are organized to inspire new discussions and enrich the palette of networking, co-operation and collaborative projects.
  • Conferences: Support offered to attend national and international conferences and workshops. The Department regularly visits, runs sessions and supports participation at major medieval congresses such as the IMC in Leeds, UK and the ICMS in Kalamazoo, MI.
  • Accreditation: Degrees - MA and PhD - are accredited both in Austria and in the US.

Peter Burke - Natalie Zemon Davis Lecture Series - 2013-14

Experience & Careerbuilding

Dan Knox (MA'15-16, PhD'16) presenting on a field trip

Community & Social Life

  • Friendly, collegial, supportive and professional environment
  • Interactive and inspiring field trips every spring to destinations in Central Europe.
  • Trips and functions: students, faculty and staff are involved a lively and informal departmental life, including the long-standing tradition of the annual medieval dinner recreated from original recipes by students and professors, museum and library tours for the incoming students, and the end-of-year party with potluck dinner, presents and good cheer.
  • Venerable “medieval traditions": the prestigious Order of the Unicorn bestowed upon those deemed worthy by the departmental community, annual medieval dinner and the medieval cookbook compiled from departmental favorites.

Ahunanya Kelechi's (MA'14-16) Exhibition Opening - 2016

Inspiring Environment

In a medieval church in the middle of Croatia (Field trip, 2016 Spring)

Support & Welfare