Class 2018-20

Anyim, Daniel | Ghana
MA thesis topic: Forts and Castles in the Accra Region: Conservation,  Protection and Management
Beishebaeva, Akzhibek | Kyrgyzstan
MA thesis topic: Preserving Kyrgyz Traditional Felt Carpet Production through Women Entrepreneurship
Bogdanova, Nadezhda | Russian Federation
MA thesis topic: Preserving the Buryat Language: Strategy and Implementation
Chanda, Osward | Zambia
MA thesis topic:
 Introduction of Name Regulation in Zambia: An Avenue for Cultural Preservation
Chang, Tingchao | Taiwan
MA thesis topic: An Ethnographic Perspective on Heritage Construction as a Place-Making Process: The Case of Dong Villages
Chinaka, Melissa | Zimbabwe
MA thesis topic: Land Development and Sustainable Heritage Management. A Study of the Policy and Practice of Development-led/Contract Archaeology in Zimbabwe
Helmi, Nadin | Egypt
MA thesis topic: Heritage Buildings between Ineffective Policy and Poor Legal Protection. The Case Study of the City of Alexandria
Jakab, Eszter | Hungary
MA thesis topic: The Main Buddhist Pilgrimage Sites as Cultural Heritage in South Asia
Nagy-Sándor, Zsuzsa | Hungary
MA thesis topic: Social Inclusion and the Heritage Museum
Satbayeva, Dinara | Kazakhstan
MA thesis topic: Participatory Management and Local Communities Empowerment in the Cultural Heritage Dialog in Kazakhstan: The Case of Soviet Modernist Era Architecture
Selimovic, Adina | Bosnia and Herzegovina
MA thesis topic: Sarajevo’s Jewish Heritage

Class 2017-19


Andoh, Hilda | Ghana
MA thesis topic: Cultural Heritage Policy Management in Ghana

Bence-Molnár, Eszter | Hungary
MA thesis topic: Use of Natural Construction Materials in the Expansion of the Excavation Area in Fülöp Farm

Culver, Karen | UK
MA thesis topic: Promoting Volunteerism in Support of Local or Regional Cultural Heritage

Ghosh, Sanchari | India
MA thesis topic: Digital Documentation - Strategic Role of New Documentation Techniques in the Protection of Cultural Heritage

Khasanova, Gulnoza | Tajikistan
MA thesis topic: Digitizing the Tajik Cultural Heritage and Promoting the Media Art Culture

Mawuli, Cynthia | Ghana
MA thesis topic: Transmission and Embodiment of Heritage: An Analysis of Adrinkra Symbology on Traditional Clothing in Kumasi-Ghana

Munpoda, Nyararai | Zimbabwe
MA thesis topic: Researching, Preserving and Presenting Variability: Towards an Augmented Management of Dry Stone-Built Capitals of Zimbabwe

Namgail, Stanzin | India
MA thesis topic: Cultural Heritage in the Ladakhi Zanskar Valley, in the Perspective of its Complex Socio-economic Context

Yeshi, Samten | Bhutan
MA thesis topic: Leveraging Cultural Knowledge and Practice for Environmental Conservation