CEU's Department of Medieval Studies currently offers four internationally highly competitive degree programs.

Master of Arts in Late Antique, Medieval and Early Modern Studies – a research-oriented, intensive one-year program entailing a thesis writing and coursework, aiming to prepare students for doctoral studies in the field of multi- and interdisciplinary Medieval Studies. It is recommended for applicants who come with a background in any aspect of medieval or historical studies and a minimum of four years of undergraduate/previous studies.

Master of Arts in Comparative History: Late Antique, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies – a taught two-year program allowing for a larger amount of coursework before candidates begin to research and write their theses during the second year. This program is highly recommended to applicants who come from an academic background other than medieval/historical studies – or have fewer than four years of undergraduate/previous studies – and wish to add expertise in medieval studies to their portfolio. Just as the one-year MA, the two-year MA provides a targeted preparation for pursuing doctoral studies in Medieval Studies or a related field.

PhD in Late Antique, Medieval and Renaissance Studiesa research- and thesis-writing-oriented program consisting of one year of coursework in the department, followed by a second year at CEU, before PhD candidates are encouraged to gather international experience. Students of the department hold outstanding records of gaining prestigious scholarships, pre-doctoral fellowships, research and teaching positions etc.

The Cultural Heritage Studies Program has been accredited by the State Education Department/The University of the State of New York on the 12 May 2014. The program began in September 2014. The program is intended to educate individuals who wish to become heritage experts and practitioners, developing aptitudes for critical assessment, the ability to reflect on major and minor, theoretical and practical, issues of managing or otherwise treating with cultural heritage. The goal of the program is to educate adaptable graduates who will be able to work at various levels in cultural heritage/cultural resource management. These graduates are coming from different cultural and educational background, essential for the character of the program at CEU. The combination of local and regional heritage trends with a more general understanding of heritage (World Heritage) is a key element in the conceptual framework of the master program.

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Mobility tracks for Class of 2020/2021

Master of Arts in Late Antique, Medieval and Early Modern Studies - 1 year

  • Pre-Session in Vienna
  • Fall term in Vienna
  • Winter term in Vienna
  • Spring term in Vienna/Budapest

Master of Arts in Comparative History -- Track: Late Antique, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies - 2 years (first year)

  • Pre-session in Vienna
  • Fall term in Vienna
  • Winter term in Vienna
  • Spring term in Vienna/Budapest

The department welcomes applications for each of these programs; the application period usually stretches from November to March for studies beginning in early September. CEU offers generous financial support.

The language of instruction is English.

Our one-year and two-year Master of Arts degrees are accredited both in the United States and in Austria as of AY 2020/21. The doctoral degrees are accrediated in the United States and in Austria (from AY 2020/21 onwards) and accredited in the United States and in Hungary in the case of advanced doctoral students.