The PhD Program in Medieval Studies consists of a variety of elements which the following web pages strive to introduce you to, whether you are a currently enrolled or potential prospective doctoral student.

Generally, once admitted into the program, you are expected to reside in Budapest and participate in and contribute to the department's research community for the first two academic years of your doctoral studies.

During the first year, you will be a probationary doctoral candidate. You are requested to attend a number of seminars – quite a few of them designed in order to facilitate speedy progress of your research project by providing constant support and feedback – as well as to take your comprehensive exam and to defend your dissertation prospectus.

Once you have fulfilled your credit requirements from coursework, passed the comprehensive exam and successfully defended your prospectus, and updated your doctoral profile on our homepage, you shall be granted the status of doctoral candidate.

During the second year, work on your dissertation kicks off more seriously. You are still expected to participate in a few seminars, and those who are also pursuing a doctoral degree accredtied in Hungary will have to pass the complex exam as well. However, you are foremost expected to focus on your research. During your doctoral candidacy period you will have to collect four Academic practica credits as well. These will introduce you to various practical aspects of research and academic life.

During your third (and subsequent) years you are welcome to stay in Budapest (this goes without saying), participate in departmental life and progress with your dissertation; however, you are equally welcome – and in fact encouraged – to explore international academia by means of spending some time (a term, a whole academic year) abroad in one or several places.  Indeed, the department's doctoral candidates have an outstanding record of receiving leading international grants and scholarships, and the department takes much pride in this success.

Please note that those pursuing a doctoral degree accredited in Hungary will have to fulfill addition requirements.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions and queries you may have.

Important dates for probationary doctoral students (2017-2019)

Comprehensive examination planning forms due (three exam topics)

a three-page summary of the planned prospectus together with a tentative outline of the planned dissertation is due

Comprehensive examination and prospectus defense committee composition forms due (with suggested external reader)

Comprehensive examination bibliographies/syllabi without annotations due - probationary doctoral candidats

Comprehensive examination bibliographies/syllabi with annotations due - doctoral candidats

Finalized dissertation prospectuses due

Comprehensive exams take place

Complex exams take place

Dissertation prospectus defenses take place