Tünde Komori

Year of Enrollment: 

I am an archaeologist by training, specialized on the medieval period of Hungary. Before my archaeology studies, I studied Chinese language and culture, which later determined my interest in the Chinese porcelain finds unearthed at Ottoman sites in Hungary, the focus of my research during my archaeology studies. I also obtained an MA degree in Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies at CEU, where continued the research of Chinese porcelain.
My current research focuses on import luxury ceramics in 16-17th-century Ottoman Hungary, such as Chinese porcelain, Iznik ware, and Persian Faience; as well as their trade and distribution. The main points of interest include trading connections of Hungary with the Ottoman Empire as well as the Ottoman Empire with China, especially regarding the trading routes and the type of material culture that travelled among these territories. As a result, I am also interested in what was considered high-end import ceramics in the sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Ottoman Empire and how it is manifested in a remote province and border zone such as Hungary. My research method is primarily the standard archaeology-based survey of the material culture, but for a better understanding of the context, a multidisciplinary approach is applied, mainly including the historical and art historical study of the material and its context, including the analysis of relevant written sources.


MA in Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies, CEU (2017)
MA in Medieval Archaeology, ELTE (2017)
BA in Medieval Archaeology, ELTE (2014)
BA in Chinese Studies, ELTE (2013)