Roman Tymoshevskyi

Year of Enrollment: 

Roman Tymoshevskyi has received his BA degree in history from the V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Getting focused on medieval history, he continued his studies in this field at the Department of Medieval Studies at CEU, where he received an MA in Comparative History. His thesis concentrated on the ideas of kingship in John Gower’s and Thomas Hoccleve’s mirrors of princes. This research partially resulted in the article on Gower’s discourse of kingship, published in 2020 in the Annual of Medieval Studies at CEU. Afterwards, he took a two-year break in his academic track, following his interest in archaeology and serving as a junior researcher at the Research Centre «Rescue Archaeology Service of Ukraine». At this position, he participated in rescue excavations of various ancient and medieval sites of the Kharkiv region, being able to get valuable insight into both practical and theoretical levels of the proceeding of archaeological research. Currently, as a doctoral student at the Department of Medieval Studies he is embarking on a research project that deals with the analysis of the political phenomenon of a king’s deposition in late medieval England and the Holy Roman Empire. Within a comparative framework, he investigates the process of the gradual inscription of royal deposition into the late medieval political culture. His research interests lay in the fields of late medieval politics, political thought, and culture, as well as the theory and practice of kingship in Western and Central Europe.