Hakan Yerebakan

Year of Enrollment: 

Hakan Yerebakan completed BA in Sociology and History as part of a Double Major Programme at the Boğaziçi University in Istanbul in 2018. He also received his MA in History at the same university in 2021. His thesis dealt with the humorous and derisive Nefsü’l-emr literature and its meanings for the early modern Ottoman society. His research interests cover the social and cultural topography of the early modern Ottoman Empire in its core regions, as well as the newly emerging field of the history of emotions in the context of Ottoman historiography. Within the framework of his doctoral research project at the Department of Medieval Studies, he wants to widen the scope of his previous research, building upon his earlier findings. He is interested in the questions of why and how the learned elite in the urban centres of the core regions of the Ottoman Empire used derision and laughter as ways to cope with rapid social transformations. The sources he intends to analyse for his project include books of jokes (letâifnâme), parody poetry (hezl), and invective poetry (hicv).