Danube Games

Open to the Public
Saturday, March 24, 2018 - 2:00pm
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Saturday, March 24, 2018 - 2:00pm to 6:00pm

Nothing is lost as long as we remember it. Our common heritage makes us diverse as well as united. 

‘Danube Games’ is an urban game designed and organized as an element of the Memories of the Danube project.  It offers an exciting adventure for participants to reflect, remember and contemplate on the historical, natural and cultural memories connected to the Danube. 

Travelling is always an adventure, so the participants of the game will take a journey through stations where they will learn about the history and the environment of the river  and share with each other some of their personal memories. The four stations of the game are in a walking distance from each other along the Danube. 

Participants of the historical treasure hunt: participants will search for traces from various historical periods along the river and listen to stories about these. The game about urban life will focus our attention to the urban environment surrounding the Danube. Acting, dancing and other forms of performances will help us to have some memorable moments together.

Bring your personal memories – be it first kisses by the Danube, summer nights on the Szabadság Bridge, or a magical snowfall in the stop of tram 2 –, we will activate them while having fun. 

Surprise, surprise …. and yes! Besides fun and adventure, your efforts during the game will be rewarded at the end.   

Groups start at 2.00, 2.30, 3.00, 3.30 pm.
Meeting point: Három Holló café (Piarista köz 1, entrance from the Szabad sajtó út, 1052 Budapest, MAP).
End point: Café Estratto, 15 Nádor Street, CEU. Don't worry about weather, we have you covered even if it rains 

Due to limited number of places, registration is required (here). 

The game will be organized even in case of rain, the stations will be moved into building interiors along the river.