My CEU - Medieval Studies

Dane Miller (MA 2015-2017)Dane Miller (MA 215-2017)
Home Country: USA
Thesis topic: Sing a New Song: The Spirit  of Cistercian Liturgical Reform and the 1147 Hymnal

"My research focuses on questions of community formation and cohesion in medieval monasteries, but I'm just as interested in practice as I am in theory. Spending so much time in books, I wanted to find a way to do some community outreach here in Budapest that challenged the perception that CEU students live in a bubble. When the CEU Student Life Office suggested we work with Csodalámpa Alapítvány, a Hungarian organization that grants the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses, I saw an opportunity. With the help of some great student volunteers and local businesses, we set up a small charity auction to raise the funds to grant one wish, bringing in over 60 000 HUF."

Ahunanya Kelechi (MA 2014-2016)Ahunanya Kelechi (MA 2014-2016)
Home Country: Nigeria
Thesis topic: Transfer of Authority: The Traditio Legis motif on  Late Antique Christian Sarcophagi from Rome

“I’ve never received a formal education in art. About 10 years ago, I couldn’t sleep so I started painting; it felt good so I’ve never stopped. The coordinator of the Medieval Studies Department, Annabella Pal, kept pushing me that I should show people my pictures so here we are. My exhibition at Central European University is about ‘Egwu’, meaning 'dance' in Igbo, which defines my culture. Dance creates energies. In our society, almost everything we do involves dancing; from wedding ceremonies to funerals, from happiness to pain. Within two weeks, my life has completely changed. People keep telling me how much they like the colors, the concept and they want to know the story behind my paintings. It’s weird. I mean these are my babies. I’ve received offers from abroad and it looks like I will become a full-time artist. I’ve never seen this coming and haven’t really processed it yet. I’m here to do my Master’s, defend it and apply for a PhD, then all of a sudden, ‘boom!’. This is magic.”
Interview and photo by Gabriella Emszt

Two students from the Cultural Heritage Studies:
Tokelo Mapena, Faisal Mohammed, and Samten Yeshi.

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Daniel Knox
MA (2016-2017), PhD student (2017-)
Home country: New Zealand
Thesis topic: Trading Letters: A Network Analysis of Ennodius of Pavia’s Letter Collection (A.D. 500-513)

"The opportunity to pursue my studies at CEU has been very beneficial to my research. I study ancient and medieval social networks. Studying in the Department of Medieval Studies at CEU has allowed me to work in a strong interdisciplinary programme that supports my research goals-while also accessing a wide range of research groups within the university. Importantly it has allowed me to build up a strong academic network outside of the university which has furthered my academic career greatly. I originally come from New Zealand, and while there is a strong academic community there the opportunities to develop my professional and academic networks are limited. In the year that I have been at CEU I have been able to visit large research institutions such as the Center for Medieval Research at the Austrian Academy of Sciences and participate in a number of large conferences in Europe. Recently I had the pleasure of presenting my work at a conference in Gottingen that was attended by several important academics in the field of late-antiquity. From this conference I have gained the opportunity to submit my work for publication in a fourth coming volume published by De Gruyter. When I applied to CEU I wanted to study at a university that would encourage and support me to participate in the wider academic community. In this respect the department has exceeded my expectations."

Nirvana Silnovic
Erasmus (2011-12), MA (2013-14), PhD student (2014-)
Home country: Croatia

“Studying in the Medieval Studies Department at CEU is one of the best things that has happened to me, both personally and professionally. This interdisciplinary community brings together people from the most varied backgrounds in an extremely encouraging and friendly working atmosphere. The diversity of topics, methodologies and approaches has influenced and enriched my own research in a way previously unimaginable to me. CEU also organizes workshops, seminars and special lectures throughout the academic year, bringing in renowned scholars from across disciplines and allowing students to be active in the academic community.”

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