First Year: From Probationary Research Student to Doctoral Candidate

As in most universities, at CEU you will begin your doctoral studies as a probationary doctoral candidate.

Students admitted to the Medieval Studies Doctoral Program keep their probationary doctoral candidate status until they have fulfilled all the requirements necessary to obtain doctoral candidate status. Probationary doctoral candidate status is envisaged as lasting for one academic year but may last for a maximum of two academic years. At the end of the second year, any probationary doctoral candidate having failed to successfully transfer to doctoral candidate status will be ex-matriculated unless a case for personal hardship can be made and is accepted by the Doctoral Committee.

The requirements of transfer from probationary doctoral candidate to doctoral candidate status consist of the successful

  1. completion of course work, as a condition for being allowed to defend the dissertation prospectus; a minimum of twenty credits must be gained by means of coursework (one credit equalling fifty minutes of class over twelve weeks of term, plus the time required to prepare);
  2. successfully passing the comprehensive examination.
  3. successfully defending the dissertation prospectus;
  4. publishing a 500-word abstract of the emerging dissertation on the CEU profile;
  5. acquiring, or proving sufficient command of source and secondary languages necessary to conduct research on the dissertation topic.

Your supervisor(s) as well as a number of seminars specifically designed for this purpose, will guide you through this process. However, it is your responsibility to meet all required deadlines.

Probationary doctoral candidates who have successfully completed all requirements will be automatically promoted to doctoral candidate status. 

Once you have obtained doctoral candidate status, it needs to be confirmed annually by means of

  • submitting a detailed progress report of your activities to your supervisor and the Medieval Studies Doctoral Committee (Annual Progress Report Form),
  • accompanied by a chapter-length sample (12,000 words minimum) of your work conducted over the past twelve months.