Doctoral Students by Enrollment Year

Enrollment Year 2020/21

  • Božič, Anja| Slovenia
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: Praising Saints or Preaching Eloquence: Humanist Orations in Honor of St. Jerome 
    Supervisor: Cristian Gașpar and György Endre Szőnyi
  • Buso, Vania| Italy
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: The Engagement of Women in the Legal Culture(s) of Northern Italy and Bavaria, 8th-10th c.
    Supervisor: Daniel Ziemann and Gerhard Jaritz
  • Galamb, János| Hungary
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: Ḥadīth Culture in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Eastern Mediterranean
    Supervisor: Tijana Krstić
  • Kiprovska, Mariya| Bulgaria
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: Rationalizing Empire-Building: The Role of the Frontier Elites in the Ottoman State-Building process, 14th – 16th Centuries
    Supervisor: Tijana Krstić
  • Machalski, Michal| Poland
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: Loyalty, Trust and Authority in the Fragmented Poland (1138-1320)
    Supervisor: Katalin Szende and Balazs Nagy
  • Ramchandani, Vijay| India
    Joint PhD Fellowship with the Environmental Sciences and Policy Department
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: A Study of Grassroots Approach to Biocultural Heritage and Sustainable Development in Western India
    Supervisor: Alice Choyke

Enrollment Year 2019/20

  • Joy, Merin Emy| India
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: The Paravur Dialogues: A Debate between Four Religions in an Early Modern Garshuni Malayalam Manuscript from South India
    Supervisor: Istvan Perczel
  • Juan Lopez, Juan Butista| Spain
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: Shipwrecked Philosophy. Manuel Gabalas’s Allegorical Readings on Odysseus’s Wanderings.
    Supervisor: Baukje Van Den Berg
  • Kaplan, Cankat| Turkey
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: Another Sunnism: Ottoman Sufis' Reception of Shiite Doctrines in the Sixteenth Century
    Supervisor: Tijana Krstic
  • Kotus, Karolina| Poland
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: Patriarch as a Politician: Cyril Loucaris (d. 1638) and His Role in the Ottoman Diplomacy with Russia.
    Supervisor: Tijana Krstic
  • Rockwell, David| United States of America
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: Justinian’s Conniving Bankers Guild Lobbying and the Imperial Bureaucracy in 6th-Century Byzantium
    Supervisor: Volker Menze
  • Rubio Arevalo, Juan Manuel| Colombia
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: Crusades and Scripture: The Bible in Crusader Epic and Preaching
    Supervisor: Gyorgy Gereby
  • Snider, Jason| United States of America
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: A Strategic Analysis of the Entire Castle System Bestowed Upon the Teutonic Order within the Banates of Severin and Sibi
    Supervisor: Jozsef Laszlovszky
  • Vargek, Ivona| Croatia
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: Wine mediators. The intermediary role of Dubrovnik in Mediterranean wine trade during the High and Late Middle Ages
    Supervisor: Katalin Szende

Enrollment Year 2018/19

  • Hlaca, Tea| Croatia
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: The Fourteenth and Early Fifteenth Century Wall Painting in Istria: Stylistic, Iconographic, and Historical Analysis
    Supervisor: Bela Zsolt Szakacs
  • Kalashnikova, Olga | The Russian Federation
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: The Father of the Bohemian Reformation: Iohannes Milicius de Cremsir's Criticism of the Church in Pre-Hussite Bohemia
    Supervisor: Gabor Klaniczay
  • Katona, Csete| Hungary
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: The Formation and Function of Military Retinues in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia During the 9th-11th c.
    Supervisor: Jozsef Laszlovszky
  • Kinde, Anna| Hungary
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title:The Function of Cathedral East Ends in Late Medieval Central Europe
    Supervisor: Bela Zsolt Szakacs
  • Kumir, Marino| Croatia
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: The Symbolic Language of Christian Piety in the Croatian Dukedom
    Supervisor: Ziemann, Daniel
  • Longo, Gaetano| Italy
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title:Damascius' Aporetical Metaphysics in Relation to His Interpretation of Plato's Parmenides
    Supervisor: Gyorgy Gereby

Enrollment Year 2017/18

  • Dereli, Çiçek| Turkey
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title:Glorious Past and Threating Future: The Monastery of Saint John the Forerunner of Studios
    Supervisor: Jozsef Laszlovszky and Istvan Perczel
  • Komori Tünde | Hungary
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: TA Network of Consumption: The Distribution of Luxury Ceramics in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire (16th - 17th centuries)
    Supervisor: Katalin Szende and Jozsef Laszlovszky
  • Milenković, Dunja| Serbia
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: Competence and Competitivity of the Byzantine Intellectual: The Case of Theodore Prodromos
    Supervisor: Gyorgy Gereby, Floris Bernard (external supervisor)
  • Miljan, Sanja| Croatia
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: Organization and Activity of Franciscans in Medieval Dalmatia
    Supervisor: Gabor Klaniczay
  • Rudnev, Iurii| Russian Federation
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: Hermeticism in the circles of Accademia fiorentina, 1540–1583
    Supervisor: Gyorgy Endre Szonyi

Enrollment Year 2016/17

  • Kandzha, Iliana | Russian Federation
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: The Cult of the Royal Couple: Henry II and Cunigunde in Hagiographic Tradition, Art and Liturgy
    Supervisor: Daniel Ziemann, Gerhard Jaritz
  • Knox, Daniel | New Zealand
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: Ennodius of Pavia and Social Networks in Ostrogothic Italy
    Supervisor: Volker Menze
  • Parvanov, Petar | Bulgaria
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: Medieval Deviant Burial Customs in South-eastern Europe
    Supervisor: József Laszlovszky, Alice M. Choyke
  • Shpakau, Miraslau | Belarus
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: Ethnic Discourse in Late Medieval Poland and Lithuania: A Comparative Analysis
    Supervisor: Gerhard Jaritz

Enrollment Year 2015/16

  • Bertović, Kristian | Croatia
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: For the Salvation of Soul: Patronage over the Pauline Order in Medieval Croatia and Istria
    Supervisor: Katalin Szende, József Laszlovszky
  • Hayrapetyan, Piruza| Armenia
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: The Image of the Virgin Mary in Armenian Gandzes: Comparative Study with Syriac Marian Hymns
    Supervisor: István Perczel
  • Petrović, Mišo | Croatia
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title:The Development of the Episcopal Office in Medieval Croatia-Dalmatia: The Cases of Split, Trogir and Zadar (1270-1420)
    Supervisor: Katalin Szende
  • Soficaru, Iulia | Romania
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: Restoring the City's Health: Medical Ecumenism and Public Health in Late Antique Constantinople and Alexandria
    Supervisor: Volker Menze
  • Theologou, Anastasia | Greece
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: Mother Nature vs Father Creator: On the Creation of the World
    Supervisor: István Perczel, István Bodnár

Enrollment Year 2014/15

  • Mustaţă, Radu | Romania
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: The Syriac Version of Pedro Gomez's Treatise on the Seven Sacraments of the Church  and the Syriac Legacy of Francisco Roz
    Supervisor: István Perczel, Volker Menze
  • Pető, Zsuzsanna | Hungary
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: The Hermits of the King, the Hermits of the People: Pauline Monastic Space in the Carpathian Basin until the Mid-Fifteenth Century
    Supervisor: József Laszlovszky, Katalin Szende
  • Razum, Igor | Croatia
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: A Century of Learning: Transferring the Canons of the Fourth Lateran Council into Central Europe
    Supervisor: Daniel Ziemann, Gábor Klaniczay
  • Silnović, Nirvana | Croatia
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: The Art of the Mithraic Cult in the Roman Province of Dalmatia.
    Supervisor: Volker Menze
  • Stark, Karen | United States of America
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: Our Lady of Our Land: The Sacred Landscape of Marian Sanctuaries in East-Central Europe, 14th-16th centuries.
    Supervisor: Gábor Klaniczay, József Laszlovszky

Enrollment Year 2013/14

  • Hespen, Holger | Germany
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: Eschatological Debates in the 6th Century
    Supervisor: György Geréby, István Perczel
  • Sünnetçioğlu, Evren Halil | Turkey
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title:Inscribing Authority through Men of the Pen: Şeyhülislam Zekeriyazade Yahya Efendi (1561-1644) and the Transmission of Legal Knowledge in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire
    Supervisor: Tijana Krstic

Enrollment Year 2008/09

  • Wheatley-Irving, Linda | United States
    Provisional doctoral dissertation title: Building the Monastic Life: Mar Abhai and Pesqin Monasteries on the Euphrates
    Supervisors: József Laszlovszky and István Perczel