Doctoral Candidates

Doctoral candidates are expected to meet the following obligations:

  1. to pass the complex exam - applicable  to students enrolled after 1 September 2016
  2. to actively participate in the academic life of the Medieval Studies Doctoral Program, for example regularly attending events organized by the department such as lectures, programs, and workshops as well as contributing to Medieval Radio, etc.;
  3. to initiate discussions with the supervisor(s) on the type of guidance and comments considered helpful, and to agree to a schedule of meetings which will ensure regular contact;
  4. to provide (following the second year of the doctoral studies) a written report to the Doctoral Committee and the supervisor toward the end of each academic year (before August 31), documenting the progress of the work/research as agreed with the supervisor; this report needs to be accompanied by a piece of work of chapter length in order to receive confirmation of status;
  5. to present their work in the Medieval Studies Doctoral Colloquium in the form of progress reports, research papers, conference papers, or chapter presentations.

They are also expected

  1. to submit chapters of the dissertation for discussion and feedback according to the schedule agreed upon with the supervisor;
  2. to ensure that original data and any other original research results are stored properly and made available;
  3. to fulfil all other obligations prescribed by these regulations.

Applicable for those enrolled before 1 September 2016:

Doctoral students must make the final commitment to pursue the Hungarian doctoral degree by the time they apply for pre-defense. By signing a declaration (’doktori eljárás indítás iránti kérelem’) in this respect doctoral students will have the status of Doctoral Nominee (’doktorjelölt’) within the Hungarian program. The doctoral dissertation must be submitted within two years of obtaining Doctoral Nominee status.

Applicable for those enrolled after 1 September 2016

Doctoral students must make the final commitment to pursue the Hungarian doctoral degree by the time the pass the comprehensive exam.

Students accepted to the Medieval Studies Doctoral Program with a Hungarian State scholarship  are required to submit their doctoral dissertation within three (3) years from passing the complex examination. In justified cases, this deadline may be extended by one (1) year.