Introduction to Research Resources for Cultural Heritage Studies and the Cultural Heritage of Budapest

Course Description: 

The course intends to introduce new students in cultural heritage studies to the research resources offered by CEU in general, with a view of other heritage institutions (museums, monument protection institutions, archives, libraries, heritage sites, organizations) in Budapest and in Hungary. It incorporates presentations and guided tours offered by faculty members and experts working in the different heritage related institutions. The first part of the course will be organized at the university, partly at the libraries (CEU built heritage, main library, ELTE-CEU library) and the second half of the course will be organized outside of CEU with visits to the heritage institutions themselves.

Learning Outcomes: 

The participants of the course will be acquainted with various types of heritage related research resources, what they will use during their research and study. The main institutions publications and handbooks, the most important scholarly journals and the some major scholarly libraries and heritage institutions in Budapest will be presented for them. The students are expected to be able for basic orientation among these resources by the end of the course.


Each student is expected to select one heritage institution and write a short written paper (5-6 pages) on it which will also be made available to the other participants in electronic form. Written assignments should introduce the institution or site, its function and its role in heritage studies. Furthermore, one part of the paper should discuss the relevance of the institution, site or organization for the thesis topic of the student. Submission deadline: middle of Fall term (around 1 November).