In order to receive a CHS certificate together with the degree proper, the following requirements need to be fulfilled:

1. Admission to the Department of Medieval Studies.

2. Students have to express their intention to take up the specialization / research focus towards the administration of the Cultural Heritage Studies Program by the end of the fall semester’s registration period and also indicate to the MA coordinator that they will be undertaking it. For students in the 2year MA program this means the fall term of their first year. Both one-year and two-year MA students are welcome to participate in this specialization.

Students taking the Cultural Heritage Studies and Policy specialization must take 10 credits (usually 5 classes) in the field of Cultural Heritage Studies according to the following regulations:

  • 1 course (2 credits) from among the courses belonging to the category of thesis writing seminars:

-                      Presenting cultural heritage (CHSP 1st year Fall Term)

-                     Research methodology and thesis planning seminar (CHSP 1st year Winter Term)

-                      Thesis writing seminar (CHSP 2ndyear Fall Term)

-                     Advanced thesis writing seminar (CHSP 2nd year Winter Term)

  • 2 courses (4 credits) from the mandatory electives courses marked as such every semester. 

You can check the mandatory elective courses offered in this Academic Year on the course hub.

  • 2 courses (4 credits) from elective courses connected to cultural heritage studies chosen from the course offer of the CHSP. Furthermore, additional courses can be taken into consideration offered by various units and departments of CEU, but the acceptance of these courses in the CHS specialization is based on discussions with the Head of the Program Committee of Cultural Heritage Studies.
  • An additional requirement for the MA students taking the CH specialization / research focus is that their master thesis written for their MA degree in their own program must include one chapter that reflects on the cultural heritage aspects of the given thesis topic. The topic and character of this chapter should be discussed by the supervisor of the thesis and by one faculty member of the CHSP.