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The CEU Medievalia series aims to be a complex publication series presenting handbooks on the state of various research fields and source collections, with a particular focus on Central European history of the Middle Ages.

CEU Medievalia aims to be a complex publication series presenting handbooks on the state of various research fields and source collections. These volumes concentrate on medieval studies in or pertaining to Central and Eastern Europe and their influence or impact on studies of the Middle Ages worldwide. They are intended primarily for the attention of scholars of the region, but equally, they represent contemporary issues of interest to many study centers in this field. They were built on the work of faculty and students in the framework of research projects, conferences, workshops and their goal is to influence further research projects and educational programs. Thus, they are a combination of high-level graduate education, policy-related research projects, and the plan to make available and to publish the medieval heritage of Central and Eastern Europe for an international scholarly audience.

Series Editor: József Laszlovszky

Vol. 19. Piroska and the Pantokrator Edited by Marianne Saghy and Robert G. Ousterhout (2019)

Vol. 18. Pagans and Christians in the Late Roman Empire Edited by Marianne Saghy and Edward M. Schoolman (2017)

Vol. 17: The Harbour of All this Sea and Realm Crusader to Venetian Famagusta Edited by Michael J. K. Walsh, Tamas Kiss, Nicholas S. H. Coureas (2014).

Vol. 16: Violence and the Medieval Clergy. Edited by Gerhard Jaritz and Ana Marinkovic (2011).

Vol. 15: Angels, Devils. The Supernatural and Its Visual Representation. Edited by Gerhard Jaritz (2011).

Vol. 14: Isolated Islands in Medieval Nature, Culture and Mind. Edited by Torstein Jørgensen and Gerhard Jaritz (2011).

Vol. 13: The Hospitallers in the Medieval Kingdom of Hungary c. 1150-1387. By Zsolt Hunyadi (2010).

Vol. 12: Promoting the Saints. Cults and Their Contexts from Late Antiquity until the Early Modern Period. Edited by Ottó Gecser , József Laszlovszky, Balázs Nagy, Marcell Sebők and Katalin Szende (2010).

Vol. 11: The Edges of the Medieval World. Edited by Gerhard Jaritz and Juhan Kreem (2009).

Vol. 10: .... at usque ad ultimum terrae.The Apostolic Pententiary in Local Contexts. Edited by Gerhard Jaritz, Torsten Jørgensen and Kirsi Salonen (2007).

Vol. 9: Catalogues of the Slavonic Cyrillic Manuscripts of the National Széchényi Library. Edited by Ralph Cleminson, Elissaveta Moussakova and Nina Voutova (2006).

Vol. 8: The Long Arm of Papal Authority. Edited by Gerhard Jaritz, Torstein Jorcewsen and Kirsi Salonen (2005).

Vol. 7: Monotheistic Kingship: The Medieval Variant. Edited by János M. Bak and Aziz Al-Azmeh (2004).

Vol. 6: Latin Classisc in Medieval Hungary: Eleventh Century. By Előd Nemerkényi (2004).

Vol. 5: People and Nature in Historical Perspective. Edited by József Laszlovszky and Péter Szabó (2003). OUT OF PRINT

Vol. 4: Ibn Khaldûn. An Essay in Reinterpretation. By Aziz Al-Azmeh (2003). OUT OF PRINT

Vol. 3: Oral history of the Middle Ages. The spoken World in Context. Edited by Gerhard Jaritz and Michael Richter (2001).

Vol. 2: Guide to Visual Resources of Medieval East-Central Europe. Edited by Béla Zsolt Szakács (2001). OUT OF PRINT

Vol. 1: The Crusade and the Military Orders. Expanding the Frontiers of Medieval Latin Christianity. Edited by Zsolt Hunyadi and József Laszlovszky (2001). OUT OF PRINT