Contributions to Leeds IMC

February 8, 2023

The Department of Medieval Studies at CEU is delighted to announce that our faculty Anna Somfai will be presenting the keynote at Leeds International Congress 2023, and the department will be sponsoring two panels. The IMC is one of two pre-eminent international conferences of medievalists worldwide. It was founded in 1994 by, among others, our emeritus professor Gerhard Jaritz, and will this year take place from 3-6 July.

Prof. Somfai will talk on Medieval Manuscripts: Physical and Intellectual Networks Entwined. Her lecture will discuss the genesis and working of what she considers to be the physical and intellectual networks embedded in and based on manuscripts.

The first of the CEU-sponsored panels concerns Animals and Criminality. Moderated by Prof. Alice Choyke, it will include Prof. Jaritz’s paper on The Praxis of Animal Thefts. The second panel is on Transcending Social Limits in Late Medieval Society. Our PhD student, Karsten Schuil, will give a paper in this panel on The Socially Diverse Environment of Romipetae: The Visitors of San Spirito in Sassia, Rome.

Other current PhD students giving papers include David Rockwell on A Law unto Themselves: Social Mobility of 6th-Century Bankers in (Legal) Comparative Perspective; Michał Machalski on Bonds of Loyalty in the Chronicles of the Polish Long 12th Century; Anja Božič on Humanist Oration on St Jerome: Rhetorical Exercise or Transmission of Knowledge?, and Dunja Milenković on The Concept of Arts and Science in Eustratius’ Commentary on Aristotle’s Posterior Analytics II 19: Reappraisal. Our current MA student, Andrei Dumitrescu, will speak on A Saintly Bishop for a Pious Ruler: The Cult of Pope Sylvester in Late Medieval Moldavia and Its Entangled Sources. Prof. Volker Menze will talk about Visigothic Ariminianism: Universal Christian Denomination or Fossilized Cult Tradition?, and Prof. Jaritz will also moderate the panels Outcomes of Late Medieval Mobility and Rituals of Dying and Care of the Dead.

Finally, the Oxford Handbook of Medieval Central Europe will be the subject of a round table discussion. The handbook was co-edited by our Head of Department, Daniel Ziemann, who will participate in the round table alongside Gerhard Jaritz and Gábor Klaniczay.