New course offered in the field of literature and textual criticism

September 7, 2017

We are delighted and excited to announce the launching of a brand new, two-term course Texting: Approaches to Medieval and Early Modern Literature 1 hosted by the Medieval Studies Department in Fall and Winter Terms 2017/2018.

With a focus on the medieval and early modern period, the course is open to MA students as well as PhD students in any field, who are interested in the analysis and interpretation of texts, especially literary sources.

This is a unique opportunity to explore theoretical approaches to medieval literatures through personal exploration, discussion and research practice. It aims to provide students with a hands-on experience of literary theory and its applications to specific texts, as well as research-based teaching.

The collective expertise of the teaching team extends over an exceptionally wide range of genres, periods, languages and geographical areas, which would be impossible to cover within the framework of a traditional course. Ranging from Byzantine satire to Middle Dutch drama, from Anglo-Saxon historiography to Ottoman Turkish divan literature, students will have the opportunity to explore general methodological questions, history of scholarship, diachronic developments (literary traditions and genres) and synchronic influences (sociological contexts) choosing from literary traditions they are most interested in.

It is an non-traditional course with a focus on individual development, introspection and discovery, with research, teaching and learning mutually benefiting from each other. The mentor-scheme and the interactive format will be supported by a course blog and a roundtable event at the end of the second term.

To learn more about this unique initiative, please read the course description at the Course Hub, peruse the topics and readings on the e-learning page. The course starts with a mandatory plenary session where you get to meet the team and familiarize yourself with the mentors and research topics offered: September 19, 2017, 5.30pm in Nador13, Room 309.

The course constitutes part of the “Methodologies and Medieval Literatures: Integrated Research-Based Learning and Teaching Program” co-ordinated by the Department of Medieval Studies and is supported by the CEU Teaching Development Grant. We are also grateful for the involvement of the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Please do not hesitate to circulate this invitation among your peers and students. Should you have any questions, contact the course leaders Floris Bernard or Zsuzsanna Reed by e-mail.