Recruitment and alumni meeting in Zagreb

May 30, 2016

Croatians constitute one of the biggest alumni groups of the Department of Medieval Studies. It was a special pleasure to organize a recruitment and alumni meeting during the course of our regular Academic Field Trip, in which past, present, and future students and faculty members participated. The meeting, followed by a reception, took place at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of Zagreb University on May 21, 2016. We were welcomed, among others, by our alumni Borislav Grgin, Ana Marinkovic, Zrinka Nikolic Jakus, Trpimir Vedris (now professors at the Department of History at Zagreb University), Damir Karbic and Suzana Miljan (both from the Department of Historical Research of the Institute of Historical and Social Sciences at the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts), and Antun Nekic (professor at the University of Zadar).

Our hosts who work as researchers and professors brought their own students to meet present CEU MA and PhD students as well as faculty members of our department. Moreover, some of our prospective Croatian students also came to have a discussion with our professors and students about their well waited-for studies at CEU.

It was a great pleasure to learn that some of our former students continue their studies at prestigious institutions all over the world; we are especially proud of our alumna Anita Jambrek, who was offered at a place in the PhD program at the University of Chicago.