Levan Gigineishvili

May 26, 2015

Levan Gigineishvili graduated in the Medieval Studies PhD program in 2000, then returned to Tbilisi where he started to give lectures in Byzantine literature at the Institute of Classical, Byzantine and Neo-Greek Studies (Javakishvili Tbilisi State University). He held this position till 2005. In 2002/2003 academic year he studied at the Graduate School of Education of the Harvard University, and earned an MA degree in education. Since 2003, besides teaching at the university, he has been teaching literature and philosophy at American Academy in Tbilisi, a private high school launched initially with support of the US State Department. Since 2006 Levan has been appointed to associate professor at the Ilia State University, where he offers several courses such as History of Medieval Philosophy, Christianity and Paganism in Late Antiquity, New Testament: Canon, History, Theology; Philosophy in Medieval Georgia. In 2007 his monograph The Platonic Theology of Ioane Petritsi was published in the USA by the Gorgias Press. Now, he is working on the full translation of Petritsi's major work, the commented translation of Proclus' Elements of Theology, together with CEU Professor István Perczel.