Benedek Láng

May 26, 2015

Benedek Láng is a historian (MA, Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest, 1998) and a medievalist (PhD, Central European University, Medieval Studies Department, 2003). At present, he works as an associate professor at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. In 2012-13, he was a fellow in the Collegium de Lyon. He is a historian of science, specialized on two major topics: late medieval manuscripts of learned magic, and early modern secret communication (artificial languages and cipher systems). His monograph, entitled Unlocked Books, Manuscripts of Learned Magic in the Medieval Libraries of Central Europe, was published by Penn State University Press in 2008, and two of his last articles (“Why don’t we decipher an outdated cipher system? The Codex of Rohonc” and “People’s secrets: Towards a social history of Early Modern cryptography”) in the Cryptologia(2010), and in The Sixteenth Century Journal (2013).