First Departmental Research Day, 8 September 2010

September 8, 2010


Research into society, religion, material and spiritual culture, and many other aspects of life, with the joint participation of faculty and students, has complemented teaching at the Department of Medieval Studies since its establishment some eighteen years ago. By now the number of research projects has grown to the extent which warrants an overview so as to see how many and how varied projects are currently pursued. The need to provide opportunity for the new students and for the whole CEU community to get acquainted with our rich and varied research work has led to organizing a departmental Research Day at the beginning of the new Academic Year. On this workshop-like occasion the following nine ongoing projects were presented, profiling the Department of Medieval Studies within CEU as a research university.

Gerhard Jaritz
Conflicts, Control, and Concessions – The Central European Records of the Holy Apostolic Penitentiary (CEU-funded group project)

Balázs Nagy - József Laszlovszky
Economic History of Medieval Hungary as Reflected by Archaeology and Material Culture
  Constituting Regions and Nations in East-Central Europe
CEU-funded group project)

Gábor Klaniczay
Communicating Sainthood
(OTKA-funded group project)

Ottó Gecser
Plague Epidemics in the Late Middle Ages: Religious and Medical Responses
(OTKA-funded individual project)

Anna Somfai
Visual THinking and Diagrammatic Images in Medieval Manuscripts: Cognitive Science Meets Medieval Studies
(NKTF-funded individual project)

Judith Rasson
Researching the History of Transhumance in Macedonia
(CEU-funded individual project)

Alice Choyke
The Medieval Animal Data-Network (MAD)


Katalin Szende
The Hungarian Atlas of Historic Towns: Local Variations on a European Theme
(OTKA-funded group project)

Gerhard Jaritz
"Margins of the Medieval World"-network
(Department-based network)


For more details on the projects see: