ZOOMING IN—works by Anna Somfai

January 30, 2010

On Thursday, January 21, 2010 at the Exhibition Hall of the Central European University, an interested audience attended the opening of Anna Somfai’s photo exhibition under the title "Zooming in." Her photographic work was introduced by Zsigmond Ritoók, Professor Emeritus, Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Anna Somfai is Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Medieval Studies. She has started in September 2009 a three-year research project on visual thinking. Her current research focuses on the way in which people think differently by means of images than through words or numbers.

"Zooming in" represents the "other side," the non-scholarly grasp of the world whereby the expression "visual thinking" gains another dimension. Anna uses the camera not to fix something seen in the world but to see something she does not see with the naked eye. By zooming in with the camera she approaches details, structures, textures that do not offer themselves for the onlooker. The photos in this exhibition were chosen to show the way in which the photographer can see through the camera. Photos by Anna Somfai have previously been exhibited in Berlin and Budapest.

More information available at http://medievalstudies.ceu.hu/profiles/faculty/anna_somfai