Some numbers and facts on Medieval Studies alumni

Since the beginning of the Medieval Studies Program and then Department, between 1992 and 2015, almost 400 MAs defended successfully their theses.
Between 1996 and July 2015 almost 100 PhDs defended successfully their dissertations.

There is a lively interaction between the alumni community and the department:

  • Alumni are regularly invited for and they also organize conferences, workshops, summer university courses; they also can participate in and organize research projects
  • Alumni celebrated the 20-year departmental anniversary in Hungary (June 14-1, 2013)
  • They could publish in the Annual and/or in the CEU Medievalia Series, or at Archeolingua and Solivagus publishers
  • There are possibilities to work as external readers for MA theses, as chairs at MA thesis defenses, as recommenders for MA students, as editors in the Text Series; to teach and co-teach at the department

Academic Year 2014/15

One-Year MA (Medieval Studies)

  • BURIC, Vanja | Croatia
    Thesis topic: The Reaction to the Siege of Zara in Western Christendom
    Supervisor: Nagy
  • FILIMON, Florin | Romania
    Thesis topic: Pillars of the Community: Rhetoric, History, and Exegesis in the Life of Alypius the Stylite
    Supervisor: Menze, Perczel
  • ILKO, Krisztina | Hungary
    Thesis topic: The Iconographical and Theological Context of the Frescoes of Zseliz
    Supervisor: Klaniczay, Szakacs, Saghy
  • KUMIC, Lea | Croatia
    Thesis topic: Social Criticism in Naljeskovic's Comedies
    Supervisors: Jaritz
  • LAGINJA, Matea | Croatia
    Thesis topic: The Black Death in Medieval Croatia and England, a Comparative Study
    Supervisor: Jaritz, Szende
  • MCMAHON, Lucas | Canada
    Thesis topic: Understanding the Context of 'De Velitatione'
    Supervisor: Gaul, Menze
  • NAGY, Peter | Hungary
    Thesis topic: Islamic Artefacts in 12-13th c. Hungary
    Supervisor: Szakacs, Laszlovszky
  • NEKIC, Antun | Croatia
    Thesis topic: Oligarchs, King and Local Community: Medieval Slavonia 1301-1343
    Supervisor: Szende 
  • PETROVIC, Miso | Croatia
    Thesis topic: Popes, Prelates, Pretenders. The role of the high clergy of Croatia, Dalmatia and Slavonia in the fight for the Hungarian throne in the 14th century
    Supervisor: Jaritz, Szende
  • RAKOS-ZICHY, Johanna | Hungary
    Thesis topic: Public or Private Affair? Questions of Burial through the eyes of Bishops in Late Antiq
    Supervisor: Saghy
  • SCHEERS, Joost | The Netherlands
    Thesis topic: Episcopal Authority in the Ostrogothic Kingdom, AD 493 - 535
    Supervisor: Saghy, Menze
  • SIVEK, Liat | US
    Thesis topic: The Cosmology of Yom Tov Lipmann Mühlhausen in Practice
    Supervisor: Wilke

Two-Year MA (2013/2014–2014/2015)

  • DAROVSKIKH, Andrey | Russian Federation
    Thesis topic: Nemesius's "On the Nature of Man": Between Philosophy and Medicine
    Supervisor: Perczel, Istvan
  • FARCAS, Andrei | Romania
    Thesis topic: Maces in Medieval Transylvania - 13th-16th centuries
    Supervisor: Laszlovszky, Jozsef
  • GIAMMANCO, Amanda | US
    Thesis topic: Never Give Your Real Name: Jachia ibn Mehmet’s Pursuit of the Ottoman Throne in Early Seventeenth-century Confessional Diplomacy  
    Supervisor: Krstic, Tijana
  • HAYRAPETYAN, Piruza | Armenia
    Thesis topic: Gandz (Armenian Church Poetry Genre) in the Context of Byzantine Church Poetry
    Supervisor: Perczel, Istvan
  • ROJAS MOLINA, Grabiela | Venezuela
    Thesis topic: The Religious Context of Blood Revenge: The Kanun in Northern Albania in the Mid-Fifteenth Century
    Supervisors: Jaritz, Gerhard; Ziemann, Daniel
  • ROTHSTEIN-DOWDEN, Zachary| United States of America
    Thesis topic: The Redactive Style and Method of Simeon Metaphrastes
    Supervisors: Perczel, Istvan; Buzasi, Gabor
  • SULOVSKY, Vedran | Croatia
    Thesis topic: The Political Iconography of Emperor Frederick Barbarossa and His Circle
    Supervisor: Ziemann, Daniel
  • VASILJEVIC, Bojana | Serbia
    Thesis topic: Fear of the Turks"": Fear in Serbian Territories During the 14th and 15th Centuries
    Supervisors: Krstic, Tijana
  • XU, Zhexin | China
    Thesis topic: The Perceptions of Horse in Thirteenth-and-Fourteenth-Century China
    Supervisor: Choyke, Alice and Jaritz, Gerhard

Academic Year 2013/14

One-Year MA (Medieval Studies)

  • Bebes, Arpad | Hungary
    Thesis topic: Late Medieval Hungarian Maritime Influence and its Economic Effects on the Adriatic Sea Trade in the Periode of Louis I.
    Supervisor: Nagy, Balazs
  • Bena, Samuel | Slovakia
    Thesis topic: The Small War in the Late Middle Ages: A Comparison of the English and Bohemian Experiences
    Supervisor: Veszpremy, Laszlo
  • Bertovic, Kristian | Croatia
    Thesis topic: Between the Cross and the Sword: Frankapan Patronage over the Order of St. Paul the First Hermit
    Supervisor: Szende, Katalin
  • Cuculic, Marta | Croatia
    Thesis topic: Community Poblems in Late Medieval Rieka: A Study on the Liber Civilium sive Notificationum (1446-1453) 
    Supervisors: Jaritz, Gerhard and Ziemann, Daniel
  • Gal, Judit | Hungary
    Thesis topic: Hungarian horizons in the History of the Church in Dalmatia (1102-1301). The Role of the Royal Grants to Church
    Supervisor: Szende, Katalin
  • Katanec, Sara | Croatia
    Thesis topic: Wealth, Power, and Lands: Barbara of Cilli's Family Agenda
    Supervisor: Szende, Katalin
  • Kocsis, Alexandra Szilvia | Hungary
    Thesis topic:Text and Image on Reproductive Prints. A Case Study of Sixteenth-Century Prints After Raphael’s Design
    Supervisors: Szakacs, Bela Zsolt and Jaritz, Gerhard
  • Krnic, Marija | Croatia
    Thesis topic: Passion & Devotion: Passion Plays and the Performance of the Piety on the Eastern Adriatic Coast
    Supervisor: Klaniczay, Gabor
  • Mancilla, Lazaro | US
    Thesis topic: The Greek text of the Syriac Codex Climaci Rescriptus 
    Supervisors: Perczel, Istvan and Menze, Volker
  • Nagy, Szabolcs Balazs | Hungary
    Thesis topic: Architectural Prestige Representation of the Aristocrats in the First Half of the 15th Century in Hungary
    Supervisor: Laszlovszky, Jozsef
  • Ocak, Derya | Turkey
    Thesis topic: Gift and Purpose: the Political and Social Dimensions of the Gift-giving between Istvan Bathory, Vojvode of Transylvania, and the Ottoman Sultans Selim II and Murat III
    Supervisors: Krstic, Tijana and Sebok, Marcell
  • Peto, Zsuzsa Eszter | Hungary
    Thesis topic: The Medieval Landscape of the Pauline Monasteries in the Pilis Forest
    Supervisors: Laszlovszky, Jozsef and Rasson, Judith
  • Silnovic, Nirvana | Croatia
    Thesis topic: Soli deo Stellam et Fructiferam: The Art of the Mithraic Cult in Salona
    Supervisor: Menze, Volker
  • Soficaru, Iuliana | Romania
    Thesis topic: The Medical Work of Paul of Aegina: The Case of Treating Rabies
    Supervisor: Csepregi, Ildiko
  • Stark, Karen | US
    Thesis topic: Saints, Stones, and Springs: Cult Sites and the Sacralization of Landscape in Medieval Central Europe
    Supervisor: Klaniczay, Gabor

Two-year MA

  • Alisik, Emir | Turkey Thesis topic: Clash of Utopia and Reality: Urban Topography of Mistra and Plethon's Suggestions on It. Supervisors:  Gaul, Niels; Gereby, Gyorgy; Szende, Katalin
  • Antonic, Nikolina | Croatia; Thesis topic: Contribution to the Research of Bijelo Brdo Culture: Settlement at the Site SepkovcicaSupervisor: Laszlovszky, Jozsef; Rasson, Judith; Ziemann, Daniel
  • Barath, Anita Karmen| Hungary; Thesis topic: Wall Paintings as Archaeological Resources; Supervisors: Laszlovszky, Jozsef; Szakacs Bela Zsolt
  • Belucz, Monika| Hungary; Thesis topic: Eastern Monasticism and Western Church in Late Antiquity: The Case of Early Irish Church History; Supervisor: Saghy, Marianne
  • D'Albini, Zsuzsa| Hungary ; Thesis topic: Iconographic Analysis of the Image of Byzantine Court Dancers in the Middle Byzantine Era; Supervisors: Christidou; Gaul, Niels; Szakacs, Bela Zsolt;
  • Gonella, Giacomo| Italy; Thesis topic: Early-Medieval Pottery from Friuli (Italy) and the Territory of Aquileia; Supervisors: Barbiera, Irene; Laszloszky, Jozsef
  • Gyarmati, Sandor| Hungary: Thesis topic: Economy and Economic Connections of Late Medieval Towns in the Northern Part of Hungarian Kingdom; Supervisor: Nagy, Balazs; Szende Katalin
  • Jambrek, Anita| Croatia; Thesis topic: Talking Pictures - Art as a Form of Communication in Medieval Ages; Supervisors: Jaritz, Gerhard; Klaniczay, Gabor; Szakacs , Bela Zsolt
  • Juganaru, Andra| Hungary; Thesis topic: Daily Life in Double and Mixed Monasteries between Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages; Supervisors: Saghy, Marianne; Menze, Volke

Two-year MA (2012/2013–2013/2014)

  • Alisik, Emir | Turkey
    Thesis topic: Three Letters from Georgios Gemistos Plethon: Attempts to Change Fifteenth Century Morea and its Broader Political Context
    Supervisor: Gaul, Niels
  • Demirtiken, Elif | Turkey
    Thesis topic: Mapping the Meaning: Monastic Topography of Constantinople, 1081-1204 and 1261-1328 
    Supervisor: Gaul, Niels
  • Guni, Bukurije  | Albania
    Thesis topic: Marriage Payments in the Venetian Adriatic: a Comperativ Approach to  the Statues of Shkodra and Budva
    Supervisor: Gerhard, Jaritz
  • Horvat, Franka  | Croatia
    Thesis topic: Artistic Transfers from across the Adriatic: the 13th Century Frescoes of St. Chrysogonus in Zadar
    Supervisor: Szakacs, Bela Zsolt, Gerhard, Jaritz
  • Jambrek, Anita | Croatia
    Thesis topic: Case Study of Royal Piety in the Fourteenth Century - The Story of the Shrine of Saint Simeon
    Supervisor: Klaniczay, Gabor; Szakacs, Bela Zsolt; Gerhard, Jaritz |
  • Khan, Aamir Shahzada | Pakistan  
    Thesis topic: Multaqā al-Abḥur of Ibrāhīm al-Ḥalabī (d. 1549): A Ḥanafī Legal Text in Its Sixteenth-Century Ottoman Context
    Supervisor: Krstic, Tijana
  • Kis-Jakab, Dora  | Hungary
    Thesis topic: Thomas Aquinas on Mixed Government and the Government of the Dominican Order
    Supervisor: Gereby, Gyorgy
  • Kovaleva, Daria  | Russia
    Thesis topic: The Trope of Kyra as a Jewish Female Intermediary in the Sixteenth-Century Ottoman Imperial Harem: Theory and Practice, Fiction and History
    Supervisor: Krstic, Tijana, Wilke, Carsten
  • Razum, Igor  | Croatia
    Thesis topic: Tradition and Reform: The Impact of the Fourth Lateran Council in Central Europe
    Supervisors: Klaniczay, Gabor; Saghy, Marianne


Fall term:

  • Malinowski, Rajmund | Poland
    Catholic University of Lublin, Jana Pawla II
  • Marzec, Dawid | Poland
    Catholic University of Lublin, Jana Pawla II
  • Milcic, Ana-Maria | Croatia
    University of Rijeka
  • Kloet, Lars | The Netherlands
    University of Utrecht
Winter term:
  • Bruggermann, Simon | Germany
    University of Hamburg

Bard Program

  • Butler, Caelie | US

Academic Year 2012/13

One-Year MA (Medieval Studies)

  • Alisik, Emir | Turkey
    Thesis topic: Clash of Utopia and Reality: Urban Topography of Mistra and Plethon's Suggestions on It
    Supervisors:  Gaul, Niels; Gereby, Gyorgy; Szende, Katalin
  • Antonic, Nikolina | Croatia
    Thesis topic: Contribution to the Research of Bijelo Brdo Culture: Settlement at the Site SepkovcicaSupervisor: Laszlovszky, Jozsef; Rasson, Judith; Ziemann, Daniel
  • Barath, Anita Karmen | Hungary
    Thesis topic: Wall Paintings as Archaeological Resources
  • Supervisors: Laszlovszky, Jozsef; Szakacs Bela Zsolt
  • Belucz, Monika | Hungary
    Thesis topic: Eastern Monasticism and Western Church in Late Antiquity: The Case of Early Irish Church History
  • Supervisor: Saghy, Marianne
  • D'Albini, Zsuzsa | Hungary
    Thesis topic: Iconographic Analysis of the Image of Byzantine Court Dancers in the Middle Byzantine Era
  • Supervisors: Christidou; Gaul, Niels; Szakacs, Bela Zsolt;
  • Gonella, Giacomo | Italy
    Thesis topic: Early-Medieval Pottery from Friuli (Italy) and the Territory of Aquileia
  • Supervisors: Barbiera, Irene; Laszloszky, Jozsef
  • Gyarmati, Sandor | Hungary
    Thesis topic: Economy and Economic Connections of Late Medieval Towns in the Northern Part of Hungarian Kingdom
  • Supervisor: Nagy, Balazs; Szende Katalin
  • Jambrek, Anita | Croatia
    Thesis topic: Talking Pictures - Art as a Form of Communication in Medieval Ages
    Supervisors: Jaritz, Gerhard; Klaniczay, Gabor; Szakacs , Bela Zsol
  • Juganaru, Andra | Hungary
    Thesis topic: Daily Life in Double and Mixed Monasteries between Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages
    Supervisors: Saghy, Marianne; Menze, Volke
  • Alisik, Emir | Turkey
    Thesis topic: The Social Disintegration on the Late Byzantine Peloponnesos and Pletho's Philosophy
    Supervisor: Gaul, Niels
  • Antonic, Nikolina | Croatia
    Thesis topic: Contribution to the Research of Bijelo Brdo Culture: Settlement at the Site Sepkovcica
    Supervisors: Laszlovszky, Jozsef; Rasson, Judith
  • Barath, Anita Karmen| Hungary
    Thesis topic: Dress Accessories: Wall Paintings as Archaeological Resources
    Supervisors: Laszlovszky, Jozsef; Szakacs Bela Zsolt
  • Belucz, Monika| Hungary
    Thesis topic: Saint Patrick and Monasticism. The Figure of the Monk-bishop
    Supervisor: Saghy, Marianne; Menze, Volker
  • D'Albini, Zsuzsa| Hungary
    Thesis topic: Texts and Images of Byzantine Dancers: Contextualizing the Dancing Scene on the Monomachos Crown
    Supervisors: Gaul, Niels; Szakacs, Bela Zsolt; Christidou, Anna
  • Gonella, Giacomo| Italy
    Thesis topic: Early Medieval Coarseware Ceramics in the Local Economy of Broili: A case study
    Supervisors: Barbiera, Irene; Laszlovszky, Jozsef
  • Gyarmati, Sandor| Hungary
    Thesis topic: The Linen Industry of Bardejov in the 15th century
    Supervisors: Nagy, Balazs; Szende, Katalin
  • Hespen, Holger| Germany
    Thesis topic: The Afterlife in the Works of Gregory the Great: Comparing the Moralia and the Dialogues
    Supervisor: Gereby, Gyorgy
  • Jambrek, Anita| Croatia
    Thesis topic: Talking Pictures - Art as a Form of Communication in the Middle Ages. The story of the Chest of St. Simeon
    Supervisors: Jaritz, Gerhard; Klaniczay, Gabor; Szakacs , Bela Zsolt
  • Juganaru, Andra| Romania
    Thesis topic: Daily Life in Double and Mixed Monasteries in the Late Antique Near East
    Supervisors: Saghy, Marianne; Menze, Volker
  • Maric, Ivan| Serbia
    Thesis topic: Romanos I Lekapenos: Legitimizing Usurpation
    Supervisor: Gaul, Niels
  • Nestorov, Marijana| Serbia
    Thesis topic: Killing and Being Killed: The Two Faces of the Crocodile
    Supervisor: Jaritz, Gerhard
  • Neu, Matthew| US
    Thesis topic: Access Analysis of Castles: Comparative Case Studies
    Supervisor: Laszlovszky, Jozsef
  • Russo, Eugen| Romania
    Thesis topic: Perspective, Paradox and a Scientific Mode of Thought in Nicolaus Cusanus' Radical Thought and Its BackgroundSupervisor: Gereby, Gyorgy
  • Vargha, Maria| Hungary
    Thesis topic: Typochronology of Dress Accessories from the 12-13th centuries, Based on the Finds from Kána Village
    Supervisor: Laszlovszky, Jozsef

Two-year MA (2011/12–2012/13)

  • Bara, Péter Tamás  | Hungary
    Thesis topic: The Hagiographical Oeuvre of Eustathios of Thessalonike
    Supervisor: Gaul, Niels
  • Bujor, Cristian | Romania
    Thesis topic: Quod Deus Non Potest. The Limits of the Power of God in the Thought of Thomas Aquinas and Their Relation with the 1277 Condemntion
    Supervisor: Geréby, György
  • Debna, Magdalena | Poland
    Thesis topic: Our Lady of Częstochowa: A comparative study of miracle-working Marian icons and images in regard to their function in the Latin West in the Middle Ages
    Supervisor: Szakács, Béla Zsolt
  • Fernández Aceves, Hervin | Mexico
    Thesis topic: Fall in the Norman Kingdom of Sicily: the Dynamics of the Royal Court of palermo as seen by Hugo Falcandus
    Supervisor: Gaul, Niels
  • Gevorgyan, Narine | Armenia
    Thesis topic: On Theological Aspects of Shah Ismail Khatai’s Poetry
    Supervisor: Krstic, Tijana
  • Konya, Anna | Romania
    Thesis topic: The Wall Paintings of the Parish Church in Altana (Alzen)
    Supervisor: Szakács, Béla Zsolt
  • Köroglu, Murat | Turkey 
    Thesis topic: The Late Byzantine Oikeioi as a Social Group: Prosopographical and Quantitative Analysis
    Supervisor: Gaul, Niels
  • May, Tiffany Aurora | US
    Thesis topic: Glass Production in the Medieval Monastic Industrial Complex in Pomaz-Nagykovacsi
    Supervisors: Laszlovszky, József; Rasson, Judith
  • Misevic, Marijana | Serbia
    Thesis topic: 
    Supervisors: Krstic, Tijana; Ziemann, Daniel
  • Mustata, Radu | Romania [on leave]
    Thesis topic: Codex Syriacus Mannanam 46 and a homily by Francisco Roz on Saint Thomas
    Supervisor: Perczel, István 
  • Nechita, Andrea | Canada
    Thesis topic: Female Seducers in Visual Representation
    Supervisors: Jaritz, Gerhard; Szakács, Béla Zsolt
  • Olney, Sarah | US
    Thesis topic: The Reception of Charlemagne
    Supervisors: Nagy, Balazs; Ziemann, Daniel
  • Sunnetcioglu, Halil Evren | Turkey
    Thesis topic: Ottoman Perceptions of the Battle of Lepanto
    Supervisor: Krstic, Tijana
  • Tóth, Johanna | Hungary
    Thesis topic: Spanish Captives in the Ottoman Empire
    Supervisor: Krstic, Tijana


  • Pagoudis, Themistoklis| National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
  • Gravier, Jeremy |University of Rennes II, France
  • Guedon, Anais| University of Rennes II, France
  • Thalarowski, Rhett| Georg August University Gottingen, Germany
  • Wedig, Marco| University of Hamburg, Germany
  • Baumann, Jessica|Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany

Academic Year 2011/12

One-Year MA (Medieval Studies)

  • Bailey, Ryan | US
    Thesis topic: Arethas and the Scholia on Philostratus's Vita Appollonii and Eusebius's Contra Hieroclem
    Supervisor: Gaul, Niels
  • Becskereki, Ida | Hungary
    Thesis topic: Foreknowledge and Semantics – Logical Presuppositions in Ockham's and Holcot's Solution to Divina Praescientia
    Supervisor: Geréby, György
  • Bradács, Gábor | Hungary
    Thesis topic: Hagiographical Approach to the Ottonian and Salian Imperial Church
    Supervisor: Ziemann, Daniel
  • Incze, János | Romania
    Thesis topic: Pledged Towns
    Supervisors: Nagy, Balázs; Szende, Katalin
  • Korondi, Ágnes | Romania
    Thesis topic: Prayers on the Passion in Late Medieval Hungarian-Language Codices: Functions and Context
    Supervisor: Szőnyi, György
  • Losonczi, Eszter | Hungary
    Thesis topic: The Problems of the Pictorial Definition of the Wandering Jew
    Supervisors: Wilke, Carsten; Szakacs, Bela Zsolt
  • Oliveira, Rose | US
    Thesis topic: Labor, Locality and Landscape in Fifteenth Century Books of Hours
    Supervisor: Jaritz, Gerhard
  • Orbán, Áron | Hungary
    Thesis topic: Contribution to the Astral Aspects in the Poetry of Janus Pannonius
    Supervisors: Geréby, György; Szőnyi, György
  • Trajkovic Filipovic, Stefan | Serbia
    Thesis topic: Comperative Analysis of the Life of St. Jovan Vladimir
    Supervisors: Sághy, Marianne; Gaspar, Cristian


  • Chakarov, Kalin | Bulgaria
  • Silnovic, Nirvana | Croatia
  • Varsou, Maria-Vasiliki | Greece

Bard Program

  • n/a

Two-Year MA (Historical Studies: Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies)

Graduating (2010/11–2011/12)

  • Mariana Bodnaruk | Ukraine
    Thesis topic: The Politics of Memory and Visual Politics: Comparing Constantine and Augustus
    Supervisor: Menze, Volker
  • Dakić, Uroš | Serbia
    Thesis topic: The Sokollu Family Clan and the Politics of Vizierial Households in the Second Half of the Sixteenth Century
    Supervisor: Krstic, Tijana
  • Davtyan, Ashkhen | Armenia
    Thesis topic: The Transformation of Damascus from a Byzantine city to the Capital of the Islamic World
    Supervisor: in 2010/11: Krstic, Tijana; in 2011/12: Al-Azmeh, Aziz
  • Durmaz, Reyhan | Turkey
    Thesis topic: The Making of Christian Hierotopy in Tur 'Abdin
    Supervisor: Menze, Volker
  • Ivanova, Ljupka | Macedonia
    Thesis topic: Zoo-osteological Material from Late Antique and Early Medieval City of Stobi
    Supervisor: Choyke, Alice

Academic Year 2009/10

One-Year MA (Medieval Studies)

  • Jana Bacova | Slovakia
    Provisional thesis topic: Hungarian-Polish-Rus' relations during the last three decades of the thirteenth century
    Supervisor: B. Nagy
  • Dora Ivanišević | Croatia
    Provisional thesis topic: Fourth-century inscriptions from Salona: construction of identities
    Supervisors: V. Menze, M. Sághy
  • Tatiana Krapivina | Russian Federation
    Provisional thesis topic: Dialectic in Eriugena's treatise on predestination
    Supervisor: Gy. Geréby
  • James Plumtree | United Kingdom
    Provisional thesis topic: Representation of Hungary in Crusader historiography
    Supervisor: J. Laszlovszky
  • Uroš Rajčević | Serbia
    Provisional thesis topic: St Augustine’s school: secular and religious education in late antiquity
    Supervisor: M. Sághy, V. Menze
  • Katalin Tolnai | Hungary
    Provisional thesis topic: Re-use of the Roman castle of Visegrad in the early Arpad period
    Supervisor: J. Laszlovszky, K. Szende
  • Zita Tóth | Hungary
    Provisional thesis topic: The role of experiment in John Buridan’s writings and fourteenth-century natural philosophy
    Supervisor: Gy. Geréby
  • András Vadas | Hungary
    Provisional thesis topic: The influence of short and long-term climatic events on human population in the Great Hungarian Plain during the late thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries
    Supervisors: A. Choyke, L. Rácz
  • Camille Vedrier | France – ERASMUS

Two-Year MA (Historical Studies: Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies)

  • Teodora Artimon | Romania
    Thesis topic: Petru Rares and his Publics: a medieval PR strategy?
    Supervisors: B. Zs. Szakács, M. Sebők
  • Vedran Bileta | Croatia
    Thesis topic: The militarization of late antique Histria
    Supervisor: V. Menze
  • Lilla Földy | Hungary
    Thesis topic: Matthew 24 in Augustine’s The City of God
    Supervisor: Gy. Geréby