Program & Course Structure

The Program Schedule contains mandatory, mandatory elective, and elective courses.

Mandatory courses are organized and advertised by the CHSP and have to be taken by each student in the Program.

Mandatory elective and elective courses are defined with a topic in the Program Schedule (e.g. mandatory elective course on cultural anthropology; elective course on history). In case of mandatory elective classes students have to choose in each semester, following the Program Schedule, from the options suggested by the CHSP on the Courses page. Courses suggested as mandatory elective are either organized by the CHSP or by other CEU departments.

If a course is elective, students can choose any course offered by any department of CEU that corresponds to the given topic, though they might find some suggestions on the CHSP “Courses” website. The choice of elective courses has to be discussed individually with the Head of the Program Committee and the supervisor.

For more information, see the MA booklet (see the attachment below).

Student Progress in Workload

Suggested distribution of course workload

Total credit requirement: 62 credits
Credits from courses: 50 credits
MA thesis: 8 credits

Year 1, Pre-Session: credit requirement 2 credits
Year 1, Fall term: credit requirement 14-16 credits
Year 1, Winter term: credit requirement 14-16 credits
Year 1, Spring term: credit requirement 0-2 credit

2nd year according to two streams of the cultural heritage master program:  

Year 2, Fall term: credit requirement 10 credits
Year 2, Winter term: credit requirement  8 credits
Year 2, Spring term: credit requirement 0 credit

Course Schedule

First year, General Courses

Second year, syllabus according to the two streams:

          1. Academic Research and Protection of Cultural Heritage 
          2. Cultural Heritage Management and Policy

Mobility tracks for Class 2019

  • Pre-session in Budapest
  • Fall term in Budapest
  • Winter term in Vienna
  • Spring term in Budapest