Vijay Ramchandani

Year of Enrollment: 

Vijay obtained his master's degree in Heritage Management at Ahmedabad University, India. His thesis dealt with issues of the Sindhi language in post-partition India. During his doctoral research at CEU, Vijay will work with a pastoralist community in Kachchh region of Western India to explore indigenous knowledge systems, heritage discourse, and development.

Vijay comes with a background of working with development sector and community-driven heritage management initiatives. He currently works as a Senior Executive of Academics and Research Projects at the Centre for Heritage Management of Ahmedabad University. He also teaches an undergraduate course and facilitates master students' field-based courses. He is the assistant editor of the Journal of Heritage Management and a member of the Association of Critical Heritage Studies.

His areas of interest include heritage education, indigenous knowledge systems, biocultural heritage, and resilient development.