Chiara Fabrici

Year of Enrollment: 

Chiara Fabrici obtained her BA in History at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice in 2016. During her BA studies, she became passionate about the Middle Ages and Byzantine history. As interested in the history of the Great Schism between the Eastern and Western Churches, she wrote a thesis about 'The Pseudo-Photian Opuscula de origine schismatis'. In 2019 she enrolled in the MSc in Late Antique, Islamic and Byzantine Studies at the University of Edinburgh and continued her studies on the relations between Byzantium and the West, focusing her MA on the thirteenth-century writings of the Metropolitan Bishop of Ephesus Nicholas Mesarites. She is currently working on a doctoral research project related to the 'Pseudo-Photian Opuscula de origine schismatis' and their context which, following the central theme of her BA and MA research, focuses on the relations between the Eastern and Western halves of the Christendom in the Late Byzantine period. Her general research interests are the Middle Ages, Byzantine History, and Church history.