Outgoing ERASMUS students

Students enrolled in a degree program (MA or PhD) at CEU are eligible regardless of their nationality. 1-year MA students are only eligible for traineeship mobility within 12 months after their graduation (submit application and sign contract before graduation).

  • Contribution to subsistence costs: the grant covers partly the costs of the stay abroad 
  • Depending on target country, expected amount between 300 – 500 euros/month (counted on a daily rate)
  • Not compatible with other EU grants 
  • Does not affect financial support from CEU

A study period can be combined with a complementary traineeship. The combination of the two periods means that the traineeship should be done under the supervision of the same host higher education institution where the student carries out his/her studies. The two activities must take place sequentially. Grant amounts for the "combined period" are the same as that of the study period. 

ERASMUS Bilateral Agreements of the Medieval Studies Department:

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